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How Missouri’s Legislature Can Increase Highway Funds

Now that Amendment 7 has gone down in flames, let’s look at highway funding in Missouri. Amendment 7 would have authorized a ¾ cent sales tax increase in Missouri. The money was intended for transportation in the broadest sense of the word. Parks with dirt paths qualify, since people can walk on the paths. Even if the bill tightened down the definition of transportation, municipalities and counties would have merely shifted funds to other projects and replaced that money with Amendment 7 taxes. Read more →

What Francis Slay Won’t Tell You About Missouri Roads—VIDEO

Proponents of Amendment 7 are telling a lot of lies. (I’m looking at you, St. Louis Business Journal.) The biggest lie involves the quality of Missouri’s roads and bridges. While Mayor Slay and the St. Louis Business Journal tell you Missouri’s roads are “crumbling,” two independent studies say the opposite. In fact, Missouri has some of the best roads in the country. Via Show-Me Institute (h/tDarin Morley): We have often commented that Missouri is “middle of the pack” in various state rankings. Read more →

Francis Slay Destroys the Transportation Sales Tax Trying to Support It UPDATE

Doesn’t it suck when Jay Nixon and Francis Slay get on opposite sides of an issue? Where do we go? They’re on opposite sides of Amendment 7, the largest tax increase in Missouri history. And you need to choose a side before August 5, because the ball’s in the voters’ court. But there’s no need to fear; Hennessy is here. And I heard Francis the talking Mayor on KMOX this morning (or maybe it was yesterday) talking about how much he loves, Loves, LOVES the ¾ cent sales tax increase theoretically for transportation. Read more →