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“We Are Killing Terrorists”

Elections have consequences. One consequence that we’ve all experienced: when you elect a street fighter, you get street fights. Another consequence that terrorists are experiencing: when you elect a street-fighter patriot, terrorists die. President Trump tonight reminded so many of us why we elected him. Because he’s a street fighter. Because he’s a patriot. Because there are bad people who wish us harm, and Donald Trump is okay with killing them. Read more →

Why I’m Changing My Mind About Impeaching Obama

A lot of good people I know grumble that the House Republicans don’t try to impeach Obama. I usually don’t say much in response. After the disaster of the ill-conceived Clinton impeachment fiasco,** impeachment seems like a superstition**. Like a unicorn. I think impeachment is a dangerous tool and should never be used for political purposes. Besides, Harry Reid’s Senate wouldn’t consider articles of impeachment if they included NSA video of Obama throwing adorable, drooling toddlers off the George Washington Bridge. Read more →

Obama the Reckless

On Saturday, the United States suffered its highest human lost since the Afghanistan conflict began. At least 38 elite, brave American warriors died in combat. Flasback to May 23 of this year. That’s when Barack Obama made the surprise announcement that he would begin accelerated troop withdrawals in July. That timetable meant beginning the withdrawal during the summer fighting season. Current and former military experts advised the president against this reckless move. Read more →

Obama’s Incompetence Leaves Americans At Risk

It took almost three years of Jimmy Carter’s dangerously naive worldview before the world rushed in. By “rushed in,” I mean the Soviet Union rushed into Afghanistan, Iranian radicals rushed into the US Embassy in Tehran, and Cuban-backed communists rushed into every Central and South American country they could. These aggressions resulted from a world perception that Jimmy Carter was unwilling to use America’s arsenal for good. Additionally, following Vietnam and observing American culture, the world surmised that: Read more →

The Left’s Foreign Policy

The left’s foreign policy is both domestic and global. John Hawkins, in Right Wing News’s Q&A, responds to a question posed by RtWingNutCase, to wit: should the US pull out of Iraq prematurely, would the left turn its activism toward influencing a withdrawal from Afghanistan? Hawkins correctly says, “Yes,” but he stops short of speculating on motives. I won’t. The left’s motive in withdrawing from the world is to weaken America and the West. Read more →