affinity bubbles

Do we owe Obama an apology?

Imaginations can run wild in the affinity bubble. I was in Washington, DC, over the weekend when it dawned on me that we on the right were probably wrong about Obama’s thirst for dictatorial power. Or maybe we were right, but seven years of near-dictatorial power have exhausted the would-be autocrat. He certain looks worn down, as this Time magazine side-by-side shows: [caption id=“attachment_18520” align=“aligncenter” width=“300”] President Obama in 2009 and again in 2016[/caption]
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Before You Slam the Loudons for Reality TV Show, Watch This

Our old friends John and Gina Loudon appear on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap this Thursday, March 28. A lot of my friends have asked “what were they thinking?” Dr. Gina explains what they were thinking: My Take The Loudons took a big gamble. It’s about time someone did. Gina is dead on. As I’ve been saying for awhile, we have to break out of our affinity bubbles. That means going to places we might not be accepted.
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Why Being Wrong Can Be The Best Policy

I think I coined a phrase a couple of years ago: affinity bubbles. Affinity bubbles are the cocoons we build to protect us from challenges to our beliefs. They’re confirmation bias on steroids. And search engines and social networks help us build them. Sure, the sounds of our echo chambers give us the of a mother’s heartbeat to an infant. But what if you’re all wrong? Realizing You’ve Been Wrong All Along Is Better Than Being Wrong And Denying It Don Peppers is one of the smartest men alive because he actively challenges his own beliefs.
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