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How the RCGA Is Ruining St. Louis and What Businesses Can Do About It

Everyone knows and accepts that government does stupid things. Sometimes it feels like people institute governments and delegate them certain powers just to give us something to complain about. Government stupidity, scandal, and corruption hits different people in different ways. Government hyperactivity keeps poor people poor by limiting opportunity and by building barriers to exiting poverty programs. “If you take that job, you’ll lose your health insurance.” Compassion my non-qualifying asset. Read more →

Who’s Selling St. Louis?

Aerotropolis is a pretty obvious attempt to shift tax money into the pockets of Jefferson City favorites. It’s an example of crony capitalism at its worst. Now,KMOV Channel 4’s Craig Cheatham shines the light on the people buying and selling St. Louis in this series. Not just Aerotropolis, but the whole oligarchy of incompetent, corrupt, and self-serving Boss Hog-types who seem bent on reducing the St. Louis region to irrelevance. Read more →

Missouri’s Crap Sandwich Servers

I have a question for State Senator Eric Schmitt: Who says that St. Louis’s 18 million square feet of vacant warehouse space isn’t good enough for Chinese goods? I heard Senator Schmidt on KMOX a couple of weeks ago. He scoffed at the Show-Me Institute’s analysis of available warehouse space for China Hub saying that to use existing space would be like building F-16s in the Wright Brothers’ hangar. Read more →

Who Else Wants To Know About Aerotropolis?

Aerotropolis on Prezi With thanks to Show-Me Institute for their wonderful research. Points to remember: * The China Hub is not dependent on Aerotropolis * The [author of the plan thinks it will fail](https://www.showmedaily.org/2011/07/aerotropolis-author-doesnt-think-saint-louis-proposal-will-work.html) * St. Louis has 18 million square feet of empty warehouse space right now * Aerotropolis would [hurt many companies](https://www.showmedaily.org/2011/06/air-cargo-expet-hammers.html) who have vacant warehouse space * Aerotropolis would transfer $360 million tax dollars to just two entities: a private developer and the City of St. Read more →