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Doc of the Decade Is Almost Here. Watch the Trailer

This is the most important documentary of the decade. https://youtu.be/X_AyP9SAEJc What can you do? Start close to home. Don’t tolerate intolerance. Don’t curb your tongue. And don’t elect whimps to government. Missouri’s legislature needs every person with spine it find. You don’t want a mouse in the House. And Dottie Bailey has no places for safe spaces. If you live in Wildwood, Eureka, or Pacific areas, vote for Dottie Bailey. Read more →

One thing the military teaches that business school doesn’t

“What was the biggest adjustment for you going from the military to the business world?” Several people have asked me that question, and my answer always surprises them. “In the military,” I say, “every individual has a lot more latitude and authority to act. In the business world, no one can do anything without explicit instructions.” “Really? I thought it would be the other way around,” they say. “That’s the popular culture, but the truth is one-hundred eighty degrees the other way. Read more →