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Descend on Jefferson City

It’s time. Powerful and corrupt people want to undo the 2016 election. In Washington. In Missouri. Win or lose, Americans deal with the results of elections. Our commitment to open, public government, of the people, by, the people, for people, has sustained this nation. And made it the greatest nation in the history of humanity. But dark forces in Missouri want to turn your government into their private club. A club managed by corrupt business who rely on tax dollars to keep their failed enterprises afloat. Read more →

Self-Governance Is the Best Kept Secret in the Fight for Freedom

Thanks to MOPP for this fantastic summary for Center for Self-Governance training opportunities in the show me state. Includes links to enroll in class. FYI… TO: MOPP SUPPORTERS  MOPP COUNTY COORDINATORS (please help spread this message by forwarding to your Missouri contacts/networks/thanks!)      Citizen involvement is “snowballing” across the State of Missouri as the Center for Self Governance adds more classes to its schedule. The ultimate goal is to have a CSG team in every county in the state in order to influence your elected officials and policy. Read more →

Life As You’ve Known It Is About To Change

Related articles You have a choice. You can drive that change, or you can be swallowed by it. In a free society, people have liberty to do anything except a few prohibited things. In a totalitarian society, people have liberty to do nothing except a few permitted things. In a free society, the people have a black list of things they must not do, and government has a white of a few things it may do. Read more →

Don’t Miss A Rising Conservative Star

I met Raz Shaver in 2010. Even though he’s many years my junior, Raz has been an insightful, patient, and indispensible to mentor in grassroots activism. Raz continues to help me and St. Louis Tea Party Coalition from his bunker in Texas. He also helps groups like St. Louis Tea Party all around the country. Victories and 2010, those to come in 2012, owe, in a large degree, to Raz Shafer. Read more →

Tell Two People in West County About The After Party This Thursday at Sky Music Lounge

A friend from Dallas just called me. He said he met two conservatives from Ballwin who’d love to be involved in movement conservatism … but don’t know how. I was shocked. And a little embarrassed. ** How can someone in West County not know about St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and The After Party?** ‘ Clearly, I’ve done something wrong. I’m sorry. But I can’t just throw my hands up and walk away. Read more →

Tea Party Activist Calls for Stampede

I blogged aboutthe battle of the Tea Party’s future going on around the Lake of the Ozarks recently. I received this response from Freida Keough, St. Louis County Director ofMissouri Precinct Project: My answer: We have 56 positions for committeemen and women in 28 Townships for St.Louis County. Did you know that 35 new individuals filed for these positions in addition to the incumbents. Coincidence? I don’t think this happened because people felt they have nothing else to do. Read more →