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Obamacare Ruling Comes Down This Week, and We’re Having a Tea Party

Pack clothes, flags, and signs for an Obamacare Tea Party at Forest Park on Art Hill this week. The rally will begin at 7:00 PM on the day the Supreme Court rules. We don’t know the day, but we do know the time: 7:00 pm in Forest Park on Art Hill (map below). The most likely days are Monday or Thursday, but because of the magnitude of this case, it could be any day of the week. Read more →

ACTION: Steve Tilley and Kevin Engler Want to Implement Obamacare. Stop Them.

Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley and Senate Leader Kevin Engler never tire of implementing Obama’s totalitarian agenda. This time, Tilley and Engler are shoving HB 1193 through to passage. This bill is designed to score brownie points with Sibelius and Obama by creating a prescription spy network that monitors the prescription drug purchases of every Missouri resident. If Tilley and Engler get their way, every time your doctor writes a prescription, your pharmacist will be required to inform Jefferson City and Washington bureaucrats. Read more →

Are You a Superhero?

This is a challenge. I want you to grab a pen and paper (or open your favorite note app). Now write down a list of characteristic you’d expect a superhero_ _to display. Write as many or as few as you’d like. Don’t continue until you’ve written down the characteristics of a superhero. Welcome back. Here’s the next step. I want you to look over your list of superhero traits. As you do, think about the amount of that trait you have in you. Read more →

ACTION: Melt the Phones

I’m going to ask you to melt phones in Jefferson City, UMSL, UMKC, and Mizzou. I’m asking you to do this today and tomorrow. I’m following up with an email to you. It’s sad that our state’s premier University System has fallen so far. Follow the #mounion hash tag on twitter Jay Nixon just asked the legislature to transfer $400 million from the taxpayers to the University of Missouri System. Unless the Governor or the Legislature acts at your request, some of that money will go to put you out of work. Read more →

Tell UMSL to Stop Teaching Industrial Sabotage

[ ](https://hennessysview.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/UofMCommie.png)Contact UofM President Steve Owens and demand an immediate end to the communist-led industrial sabotage courses that he’s shoving down your kids’ throats That’s right, UMSL and UMKC are teaching kids how to destroy business in America. They want your job to go overseas. And the guy leading the class is a proud communist. No employer in his right might would hire a graduate of the University of Missouri-St. Read more →

ACTION: Jefferson City February 26 UPDATE

Your country needs you today—Saturday, February 26—in Jefferson City, MO. Radical unions threatening a Wisconsin-style hatefest at the State Capitol. But some great Americans like Phil Todd and Elizabeth and Paul Couture have secured a permit for Tea Party on the Capitol Steps beginning at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 26 Please pass the word. If you can’t be there at 10:30, come later. We’ll need people there ALL DAY. Read more →