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Hennessy’s View of 2011

Here are the top Hennessy’s View posts of each month of 2012, scientifically selected by … me. January The Gabrielle Giffords shooting by lunatic Jerod Lee Loughner was the biggest news event of the month. The cynically attempted to use the tragedy for political gain. The left failed. February The Arab Spring began last winter. When Mubarak was on the ropes in Egypt, some questioned whether or not his fall would be good for the region and the world. Read more →

Wait, what year is this?

Dig this opening paragraph –> As the marathon for the presidency, 1980, begins to quicken, the American electorate is in a singularly sour and pessimistic mood. Not only is the public naturally worried about the economy, energy and inflation, but it doubts things will improve much. The country is anxious to find strong leaders —the evidence is overwhelming—and the public has little faith that Jimmy Carter has the ability, let alone the programs, to solve the nation’s problems. Read more →

3 Moves After the Tea Party*

It’s 2011. The Tea Party movement is almost two years old. Two years after the Boston Tea party, the Revolutionary War was well underway. In April, 1775, British Lieutenant General Gage sent troops to Concord, Massachusetts, to seize a garrison held by revolutionaries. It didn’t go so well for the Brits. By 1776, the Continental Congress declared our independence from Great Britain citing human rights. With words that echo through the centuries, we declared that human beings have certain rights, and: Read more →

The Longest Year

The year that ends tonight didn’t begin a year a go tomorrow. Nor does it have a number. I’m not sure when this year started or what to call it. And, as surprising as it may sound, I don’t think I’ll miss it. Call it the year of the tea party. It lasted 22 months. We accomplished only two things, really, in this massive human wave. We reminded ourselves that we, the people, can still roar. Read more →