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It’s Hard to Deny North County Has Problems with Police and Courts

What did you think when you first heard reports of violence in Ferguson? I mean, after the shooting death of Michael Brown? Did you ever for a moment think, “this is about more than just Michael Brown?” I hate to say that. It’s embarrassing to admit that I’m so jaded as to think “that’s all” …

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Trust Is a Bigger Problem for GOP Than Marketing

The GOP’s self-examination on the 2012 election debacle rightly identifies marketing and messaging and lack of a ground game as contributors to that mess.   But the GOP’s self-exam missed a potentially fatal problem for the party: the American people simply do not trust Republicans on the budget. Read this paragraph from The Hill carefully.  …

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Did You See the Crisis Coming?

Can you guess the year? Scottish scientists cloned a sheep named Dolly President Clinton signed a bill barring federal funds for human cloning Bank robbers in Kevlar suits staged an epic gun battle with Los Angeles police The English Patient wins Best Picture Oscar Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister of England Timothy McVeigh convicted of …