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Obamacare Ruling Comes Down This Week, and We’re Having a Tea Party

Pack clothes, flags, and signs for an Obamacare Tea Party at Forest Park on Art Hill this week.  The rally will begin at 7:00 PM on the day the Supreme Court rules. We don’t know the day, but we do know the time: 7:00 pm in Forest Park on Art Hill (map below). The most …

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Hollow Holiday

July 4, 2011, felt hollow, like celebrating the birthday of someone deceased. Independence Day celebrates the birth of an idea: that people create governments and empower them, not the other way around. Do we still believe that? Yes, I still believe that.  Morally, at least.  And you probably do, too.  Does America still believe that …


ACTION: Jefferson City February 26 *UPDATE*

Your country needs you today—Saturday, February 26—in Jefferson City, MO.  Radical unions threatening a Wisconsin-style hatefest at the State Capitol.  But some great Americans like Phil Todd and Elizabeth and Paul Couture have secured a permit for Tea Party on the Capitol Steps beginning at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 26   Please pass the word.  …