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2014 Election

Is The Tea Party Suffering From Republican Fatigue Syndrome?

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Maybe the chickens are coming home to roost for the GOP in St. Louis County. In my day job, I focus on two subjects: strategic behavioral science and analytics. Really smart people do most of the heavy analytics work. I deal with the human behavior (neuroeconomics, psychology, etc.). In our narrow field of loyalty and …

2014 Election

Are the Missouri August Primary results a fluke or the beginning of a trend?

Many Republican voters pulled a Democrat ballot August 5th, in St. Louis County. Having crossed over once, how many will do it again in November? It is no secret that the Republican legislature in Jefferson City has exhibited minimal leadership on major issues while spending most of a short legislative calendar talking about issues invented …

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You Can Reclaim the 4th Amendment the 5th of August

Listen to my short podcast about Missouri’s Constitutional Amendment, Amendment 9–the Electronic Data Protection Act. And don’t forget to vote YES on Amendment 9. Restore the 4th Amendment. You can read more about Amendment 9 on Ballotpedia. And here’s the Missouri ACLU’s page on Amendment 9.

2012 Election

Are You Ready to Caucus?

What’s the difference between a caucus and a primary? Who’s allowed to attend a caucus? How do I find out my caucus location? When it the caucus? How long does it take? How to do I get ready? This Is Important Stuff These are just some of the questions I have about the Missouri Republican …

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4 Steps to Launch Conservative Revolution

Thirty-two years ago this month, the modern conservative movement was born. The movement began with a local issue in a single state.  Howard Jarvis of California succeeded in rolling back that state’s property taxes. Voters ignored Governor Jerry Brown’s apocalyptic predictions and captured the imaginations of a nation. After decades of government growth, the people …