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Jack Kemp Stood for Civil Rights . . . And America

Jack Kemp is on the top of my wall of heroes. Literally. An autographed Kemp card sits on top of my bookshelf housing the works and images of my heroes. As the NFL self-destructs, it’s worth reading about Jack Kemp’s work for civil rights. And for the Republican Party. And for conservatism. Jack Kemp’s Activism …

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Trump’s Misdirection Play

Everybody loves misdirection. It makes magic shows and movies interesting. You think you know what happens next, then WHAM! the unexpected happens. Now you’re plugged in. Trump gave a head fake. Everybody bought it. (Including me.) Then his legs went the other way, and we stand here flailing at the air. Some people’s heads exploded …

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Whatever Happened to the Party of Ideas?

Jack Kemp

From about 1978 until the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, the GOP was called “the party of ideas.” I miss the ideas. William F. Buckley helped. Buckley liked big ideas and smart people. He liked politicians who gave legs to great ideas and governors with the guts to experiment. Governor Ronald Reagan appeared on Buckley’s Firing Line shortly after the …

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What’s the One Thing Congress Should Push Right Now?

It’s not the Balanced Budget Amendment, though that’s a good second choice. It’s certainly not senseless and impossible ideas like impeaching Obama or suing over birth certificates. Instead, we should push an idea that’s ripe for quick passage.  It’s an idea that cheers political moderates and conservatives.  And it doesn’t immediately turn off liberals. What …

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Sad News About Jack Kemp

The first time I met George W. Bush in person, I was campaigning for Jack Kemp for President.  Kemp was running against Vice President George H. W. Bush (and 47 others) for the Republican nomination.  This was 1987. A wonderful, tough, and tireless local Republican organizer named Thelma Stuart recruited me and served as my …