Shock Therapy: Scott Adams Scooped Me

Shock Therapy: Scott Adams Scooped Me

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I’ve been writing “around” this topic for weeks, now. But I have to post this today, because Scott Adams scooped me. Tonight on his Coffee with Scott Adams Periscope he exposed the secret I’ve been leading up to. No reason to be subtle any longer. So, here we go.

Watch Scott Adams' rant. (Begins about 9:30 mark.)

We should throw open the economy tomorrow, because experts have been lying and are still lying. And they will lie tomorrow and the next day and 100 years from now, because experts are liars.

There Won’t Be a Coronavirus Vaccine (probably) #

About two (or more) weeks ago during the evening White House Coronavirus Briefing, Dr. Fauci subtly told us that there would be no successful vaccine against Coronavirus. Ever.

Fauci was talking about his days with the HIV task force. He admitted that he allowed billions of dollars to flood into research for a vaccine even though he knew HIV was not susceptible to a vaccine. The body would not create antibodies against HIV from a damaged HIV virus.

Fauci was right about HIV. But why did he bring this up in a Coronavirus briefing?

Why, indeed.

Fauci brought it up because he couldn’t bring himself to admit the truth: vaccines don’t work on Coronaviruses.

Experts lie. They lie because their income depends on hope. So, they let dumb scientists try to find a vaccine for HIV. They let people believe there’s going to be a vaccine for Coronavirus. Because there’s money in it.

Chances are there will be no successful vaccine against Coronavirus.

The Atlantic agrees with me.

You Are Going to Get Coronavirus, and Probably Already Have #

You’re going to get it. This year. Locked down or not, you’re going to get it, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

Cowering in your house might delay the inevitable, but you’re going to get Coronavirus sooner or later. No matter what. There won’t be a vaccine, so you’re going to get it.

Experts won’t tell you that, because telling you that would diminish their authority and power. Experts hold sway because they’ve convinced that, by hiding in your house, you won’t get the virus.

But you will.

They’re lying. And they know it.

Except for this Harvard Professor, Marc Lipstich.

In February, Lipstich expected 40 percent to 70 percent of the world population to become infected.

No One Knows How Many People Have or Have Had Coronavirus #

Not even close. No one knows.

The total positive tests is just a fraction of the people who have had the virus. A fraction. But we don’t know how large or small the fraction is. It could be 9/10. It could be 1/25. No one knows, and anyone who claims to know is a liar.

We do know that the number of people who have now or have had Coronavirus is larger than the number of positive tests. For two reasons:

  1. Most people with symptoms don’t get tested. (We know this for a fact.)
  2. Most people (>50%) of people who DO HAVE Coronavirus have no symptoms and, therefore, don’t get tested.

Therefore, the number of people who have or have had Coronavirus is an unknown number greater than the number of confirmed cases.

Experts won’t tell you these, because experts lie to protect their position as expert. An expert is someone who might know something you don’t. If they tell you, they’re no longer an expert.

Experts Have Been Wrong (or Lied) About Everything So Far #

In January, the experts were telling us Coronavirus could not spread from one person to another.

Beginning and January and to this day, the WHO and other “experts” tell us that COVID-19 could not have come from a lab. But it did.

From February to April, the experts told us Coronavirus could not be stopped by a mask.

From March to April 15, the experts told us there would be shortages of hospital beds and ventilators.

In March, the experts told us 2.2 million Americans would die.

Since February, experts have told us there will be a vaccine.

And on, and on, and on.

The “experts” have been wrong about everything, and you damn well know it if you’ve paid any attention.

The Lockdown Didn’t Help #

Okay, I’ll give a bit here. The lockdown might have slowed the spread enough to prevent overwhelming hospitals in certain places. That’s how it should have been marketed: slow the spread so hospitals don’t get overwhelmed.

But, instead, the “experts” marketed the lockdown as a way to stop the virus cold. The experts knew all along that that wouldn’t work. Or they should have. So, the experts are either no smarter than the rest of us, or they’ve been lying all along.

Remdesivir Does Not Save Lives #

The experts, especially Dr. Fauci, continue to lie about the $1,000-a-dose drug Remdesivir. When asked if Remdesivir saves lives, Dr. Fauci and others answer a different question, but stupid reporters think they’ve answered the question they asked.

REPORTER: How many lives could Remdesivir save?

FAUCI: In clinical trials, Remdesivir was shown to shorten the disease by thirty-one percent.

Here’s the truth: in clinical trials, there was no difference in mortality rates between patients given Remdesivir (subjects) and those given a placebo (controls). That’s the question reporters ask. Fauci, though, answers the question China and Gilead, the drug’s patent-holders, want him to answer. The subjects who lived became asymptomatic 31 percent sooner than the control group.

Remdesivir does not save lives, but it does make China and Gilead rich, which is what this is about.

Flu Death Statistics Are Pure BS #

The CDC has no idea how many people die from the flu each year. They estimate that number just like they estimate the number of flu cases. It’s all made up.

Confirmed flu deaths range from 4,000 to 15,000 a year in the United States. But the CDC pads those numbers in order to sell more flu vaccines. Like almost everything about public health, flu statistics are pure bullshit.

Scott Adams conducted a little test. Try it:

  • Do you know anyone who died of a drug overdose?
  • Do you know anyone who died in a car accident?
  • Do you know anyone who died from the flu?

The CDC says about the same number of people die from each of these causes every year. If you don’t know anyone who’s died from the flu, you probably realize that number is phony.

End the Lockdown—Do This Instead #

At this point, there’s no reason to continue most of the mitigations. The experts have been lying to us about almost everything. The experts who have told the truth have been muzzled by the China-controlled media in the United States.

End the lockdown and get the economy moving again. Wash your hands frequently. Don’t touch your face. Cover your mouth when cough or sneeze. Spend time outside. Don’t shake hands. That’s all the mitigation you need.

Also, obesity is the number one factor in dying from Coronavirus. Lose some weight. Exercise. Losing weight will help.