May 24, 2020

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Results Are In: Hennessysview 2020 Reader Survey

Results Are In: Hennessysview 2020 Reader Survey

Thank you to everyone who replied to the 2020 Hennessy’s View (totally self-serving) Survey. Here are the results:

New Blog Design

On a scale of 1 to 10, readers give the new design a score of 8.95. I’ll round that up to 9.0. Thank you!

What Topics Do You Want to See Covered?

Since I didn’t ask permission to post your responses to these questions, I’m going to summarize. I list these topics in the form of questions that I can answer later with posts. (Sort of the way Alexis de Tocqueville introduced chapters in Democracy in America.)

  1. What might be the lingering, long-term effects of Coronavirus shutdown, including socio-psychological effects?
  2. What are some obliquely political topics that synthesize seemingly apolitical topics with their political ends.
  3. What are the risks to freedom posed by globalists who are using Coronavirus as an excuse to surrender powers to government and the United Nations?
  4. How to get the economy back on track following the lockdown?
  5. How should Christians prepare for and respond to the centralization of power in atheistic, globalist organizations?
  6. What kind of world will our children and grandchildren inherit, considering the debt, expansive government, and collapsing economy?
  7. What can be done about St. Louis County’s tyrannical executive, Dr. Sam Page?
  8. Which books can provide excellent understanding of America’s Christian foundation?
  9. How to better synthesize Christianity with political action.
  10. How deep and dangerous is the web that unites anti-freedom elements like Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others?

Thank you, so much for these responses. Great topics, and it’s very helpful to know what interests you and what doesn’t.

Should Hennessy’s View Add Authors?

Answer %
Yes: 24%
No: 10%
Doesn’t Matter: 66%

Have You Commented in the Past 30 Days?

This is was sort of a push-poll, meaning, I included the question to remind my favorite readers that my blog has an excellent comment tool called Commento, and that I really like getting comments. So do other readers. (Hint, hint.)

Answer %
Yes 43%
No 33%
Can’t Remember 24%

Thank You for Responding. Here’s What’s Next

You just made my job much easier. I’m going to use this Top 9 list as a guide to blogging over the next 30 days (or more). Many of the topics you’ve requested will require more than just one post.

As far as style goes, several readers seem to like my favorite kind of blog posts that I call “mash-ups,” where I take two or three seemingly disparate topics and show how they’re actually part of the same thing.

I began thinking this way when I read, in William F. Buckley’s introduction to God and Man at Yale, that the fight between individualism and collectivism, between freedom and tyranny, is the same fight as between good and evil, between God and Satan, fought on different planes.

That revelation led me, at an early age, to look for the connectedness between things. For example, in high school science classes, I realized that the search for cosmic truths of the universe explored with telescopes and radio sensors is almost identical in methods, challenges, and onion-peeling futility as the search for base, sub-atomic particles. When scientists think they’re just one layer away from solving everything, they quickly realize that that “final” discovery" is just a portal to a new, deeper mystery.

At some point, the scientists will realize that the final answer has been before us since God wandered side-by-side with Adam and Eve, and that the history of man’s explorations since then has been that of exiles seeking to return to their homeland. Which is why the most fundamentally universal story arc is that of the hero’s journey.

So, thank you, friends. And don’t be afraid . . .

Oh, almost forgot. One last thing. Thank you, so much, for the kind donations through my “Buy Me a Coffee” link. The only reason I put that up there is to help recoup some of the costs of running Hennessy’s View and St. Louis Tea Party Coalition blogs securely. I operate them on separate servers, but I foot the bill for hosting and security myself.

Thanks, again, for being so loyal and helpful. And, since we have the Book of Revelation, remember that we know how the story ends: the good guys win.