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Those Shirts

In 1992, I started a little company to produce and sell political t-shirts, sweatshirts, and bumperstickers. It remained at break even too long, so I folded. (Some of you might have our best-seller: I Got Wet When Clinton Soaked the Rich.) I never bought anyone else’s stuff because I’ve always thought my ideas were better. Along comes ThoseShirts.com. I’m wearing this one right now: My son, Patrick, has one on the way. Read more →

St. Patrick’s Week Begins!

It’s St. Patrick’s Week–every Irishman’s favorite seven days. Today, the people who wish they were Irish held a parade in Downtown St. Louis. I didn’t go, of course, because I attend the annual Ancient Order of Hibernian’s Dogtown Parade on the 17th. The Hennessys meet at West Park and Tamm. Stop by if you’re about. After the parade, we’re making the trek to Ellisville for Matt and Angie Clancy’s fantastic Corned Beef and Cabbage. Read more →

What Condi Said

In an increasingly famous interview, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice described herself as a “mildly pro-choice Republican.” But the pro-abortion folks would have to describe her as anti-abortion. 2008 run, abortion engage her politically - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - March 12, 2005 _“And prayer is very important to me and a belief that if you ask for it, you will be guided. Now, that doesn’t mean that I think that God will tell me what to do on, you know, the Iran nuclear problem. Read more →

Light Blogging

Sorry for my absence the past few days. (Judging by the hit count, though, I wasn’t too missed.) I have to get my book proposal out the door this weekend, and much work remains. Please check out Michelle Malkin, Donagel Express, Dean Esmay, Steven Taylor,Stephen Bainbridge, Right in Texas, and the other excellent blogs in my blogroll. Thanks, Bill Read more →

Today’s Assignment

Visit Donegal Express. The Donegal Express » Not only a blog, but a typoed hard alcohol! There are several reasons to go visit Bill Hennessy’s excellent blog. I could go on about the depth and quality of writing he puts up, making us all fortunate for its existence. I could talk about the wisdom that seeps through your screen as you read. But I’m not going to do that. I’ll give you one good reason to go visit. Read more →

Yahoo! News - DNA Evidence Found in Judge Killings Case

This must disappoint the left: Yahoo! News - DNA Evidence Found in Judge Killings Case _A DNA match from a cigarette butt convinced police that a Chicago electrician was the killer of a federal judge’s husband and mother, authorities said. _ For a week, the leftist press typed its stories with crossed fingers that some white supremist hate group murdered the judge’s family. Instead, it was a run of the mill, disgruntled plaintiff. Read more →

These Kids Today

Back in the early 90s (and isn’t that frightening?) I was doing something like blogging in Groton, Connecticut, for Town Hall on CompuServe–pre-Web days. One of the topics of the day was Generation X. People like Rush Limbaugh and others got a kick out of making fun of Xers. They were slackers who wanted to make $45.00 an hour flipping burgers. Or, better, they wanted to graduate from college and step into an eighty grand a year job with a company car. Read more →

Spirit of America Update

This is an e-mail from Spirit of America. Please help the cause. **ROCKIN THE CORPS - MARINES WELCOME HOME **A nonprofit organization headed by Joe Robert is putting together a great welcome home party at Camp Pendleton no April 1 for Marines now returning from Iraq. This will be a terrific event to thank the Marines (and their families) who have been stationed mainly in Al Anbar province since last summer. Read more →


_Some of my favorite bloggers are lawyers, but this is too good to pass up. _ A big, burly guy in a plaid, flannel shirt and dirty jeans walk into a C.J. Muggs–a pretentious bar in Clayton, Missouri where lots of lawyers hang out after the courts close. The big guy orders a Busch and a shot of tequila, which downs in a loud, rude gulp. He slams the shot glass on the bar startling the suits around him. Read more →

From Order Comes Chaos

If you're bored, go to [www.myway.com](). One by one, click the links to the major news sources. Here's what you'll find, in order. I have changed no words. AP Reuters NY Times Bush: Democracy Taking Hold in Mideast Bill Clinton to Have Scar Tissue Removed Thousands Answer Hezbollah Call in Beirut Bush Demands Syria Out of Lebanon by May Read more →