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Michelle Malkin Declares Fred Thompson “Clear” Winner

I could not watch the South Carolin GOP debate tonight, but I am ecstatic. Ron Paul made an ass of himself, but Michelle Malkin who, like me, seems to fret over Fred’s performances sometimes, has no doubt Fred won. From the clip I blogged below, I have to give points to Romney for slamming Ron Paul. As a war hero, John McCain had every right to across the stage and belt that phony, lying, racist scum. Read more →

Mitt’s Loss Is Fred’s Gain

Mitt Romney is pulling his broadcast advertising from South Carolina and Florida (h/t Drudge). This could help Fred’s Fort Sumter strategy. I might have been wrong about Huckabee’s descent, as he seems to remain above 20 percent in key states. By conceding South Carolina, though, Romney may end up driving soft supporters to Thompson, and that might be his strategy. With McCain, the media darling, rising, Romney could hope to bump up Thompson’s numbers in the Palmetto State. Read more →

Kudos to Robin Williams

I’m not his biggest fan. Yet Blackfive shows us a video that earns new admiration. He shows particular respect for the troops he is entertaining in Kuwait. He shows singular respect for military tradition. Finally, he shows due respect to his country and her colors. Bravo, Mr. Williams. Read more →


(Continued from “Change Is All You Need”) **The Obama Years ** To be fair, Jimmy Carter inherited a country that needed a lot of work. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs, built on Roosevelt’s economically untenable New Deal welfare state, had set the nation’s economy and social classes on a path to destruction a decade earlier. The self-absorption of the Baby Boomers decayed the social institutions and mores that sustained us for 200 years. Read more →

The Battle of Fort Sumter

The Union Army held onto Fort Sumter for only day, but Fred Thompson hopes to gain and hold South Carolina from now to the convention. Unlike other candidates who dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge better than Patches O’Houlihan when asked how far they’ll take their campaigns, Fred Thompson put it on the line tonight with his usual bold honesty: “This is where we make our stand - this is where I have chosen to make my stand,” Thompson told a crowd at a barbecue restaurant. Read more →

Hot Air

Lines for the voting booths unexpectedly thinned after Mabel cast her vote … Read more →

The Candidate Most Like Me Is …

**90% Fred Thompson 88% Mitt Romney 83% Mike Huckabee 81% Ron Paul 79% Tom Tancredo 76% John McCain 54% Rudy Giuliani 29% Bill Richardson 20% Hillary Clinton 19% Chris Dodd 18% John Edwards 16% Barack Obama 15% Joe Biden 15% Mike Gravel 11% Dennis Kucinich ** I saw this on Blackfive, and I SWEAR I didn’t take it 19 times to make it come out this way. I took it once and lived with the results. Read more →