What Happens in Australia

What Happens in Australia

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What happens in Australia is coming to America. Unless you stop it now.

If you’re like 95 percent of Americans, you believe Australia is a lot like the United States. And, as of about three or four years ago, you were right. But not any longer.

Australia is a police state that makes apartheid South Africa look like a college safe space. Every day, huge battalions of police officers and soldiers canvass neighborhoods and the countryside looking for citizens to beat, pepper-spray, arrest, choke, and shoot. These police gangs are free to do just about anything they want to people caught leaving their homes without permission or going about maskless.

More recently, the police have been attacking anyone seen recording their thuggery. Don’t believe me?

Just watch #

I am going to violate my own rules to show you some Twitter videos of the mass beatings and shootings taking place currently in Australia. Please watch.

Via Telegram, police with a gun turret mounted on a personnel carrier fire at citizens fleeing ground troops. The officer on foot, too, were shooting rubber bullets at the people.

Police attack a woman in a small town.

Another scene as a man tries to leave his home outside of the authorized time.

Attacking an elderly couple sitting on a park bench.

And police attack a man who’s attempting to document the beatings.

Meanwhile, when Aussies are not being assaulted by police, they stand in hours-long lines waiting to pick through scraps of weeks-old bread. Melbourne looks like Venezuela as people who, just last month, were solidly middle-class now hope against hope that they find something to eat one of the empty grocery stories to which they are allowed to travel.

You Will Be Next #

I know Australia is far away from the United States, but the moral disease that ushered in Australia’s inhumane tyranny is already circulating in the United States. This disease is spread by the internet and television, not by close, prolonged physical proximity. Neither time nor distance can protect you. The tactics police use, for instance, traveled from the early 20th century Russia and 1930s Germany.

What you witnessed above is really happening, at this moment, to people who look, talk, and live just like you and I. Australians.

Moreover, the jack-boot thugs perpetrating these crimes against humanity are also developing the techniques that teach US police how to harass, intimidate, and subdue the people. When St. Louis County police begin their crackdown, they will apply the proven methods. And the methods in Australia are becoming more violent each day.

Notice how the police outnumber the people in each of these scenes? That’s not a mistake. The police are moving in huge teams to overwhelm people. They make sure the media are covering these beatings. The idea is to scare the life out of Austrialians who do not witness such atrocities. In reality, people far outnumber police and can overwhelm the police at any moment. By controlling the perception through planned attacks that the media dutifully broadcast, the police hope to give the impression that citizens are outnumbered.

The Second Amendment and Australian Gun Control #

Aussies gave up their right to own guns over the past three years. One has to assume that their police thugs would be far less aggressive if Australia had two privately-owned firearms for every citizen.

In the United States, the government will first need to confiscate all the weapons. (I am not advocating attacks on the police, here. I’m telling you what’s real.)

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Oregon has recently passed a law prohibiting citizens from removing any weapon from their home. You’ll see more of this. It’s easy for police to outnumber and overwhelm someone at home—much harder to do so when 10,000 citizens are gathered in a park.

Fight for preservation of the right to keep and bear arms if you don’t want to end up in a concentration camp.

This Is For Your Health and Safety #

Notice that I haven’t mentioned the “justification” for the Nazification of Australia. That’s because the reason doesn’t matter. There is no justification for governments to brutalize citizens who wish only to exercise the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No virus justifies tyranny.

And tyranny is what’s here and still coming. I know I sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but I’ve warning you for over three years this was coming, since long before Coronavirus became a household word.

This is not about a virus: it’s about power. The power to tell you what to do and think. It’s 1984 in the flesh. It’s about freedom vs. slavery, God vs. Satan, good vs. evil.

Our governments are now on the side of evil, on the side of Satan, on the side of slavery. Not just Washington DC, but Jefferson City, MO, and Springfield, IL. Governments are not a reflection of the will of the people, deriving their just powers therefrom. Governments are tyrannical and mean, deriving their unjust power from violence and the threat of violence. Governments get by with tyranny and slavery because we let them.

How to Fight Back Now #

Don’t let them. Even if you’ve been vaccinated, act like you haven’t been. If you believe in the American Dream—the right to own your own life—join forces, build a tribe, prepare for the worst-case scenario (which is only a couple of months away), and train.

But must of all, pray. Turn your life over to Jesus Christ so you have the grace to stand against tyranny even at the cost of your life.

This Wednesday, September 29, join me in fasting for preservation of freedom in America. No food from dinner Tuesday until breakfast Thursday. Water, straight tea, black coffee, vitamins, supplements, medicines. That’s it.

Some demons can be driven out only by prayer and fasting. Those demons are all about us. If we don’t drive them out, we will live out our remaining days like this. Or worse.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam

UPDATES: More video evidence of police thuggery and brutality keeps pouring in. The Australian police are completely out of control and become more violent by the minute.