February 2, 2020

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Where Is Scott Faughn's Book?

Where Is Scott Faughn's Book?

Scott Faughn is the publisher of the lobbyist “newspaper” Missouri Times and bagman for the sponsors of the illegal prosecution of Eric Greitens.

When he was caught delivering a laundry bag of cash to attorney Al Watkins to pay off Greitens' accusers and others, the always-broke Faughn claimed the money was somehow related to his forthcoming book on the Greitens administration. He even told his audience that they could order the book at at his website, scottfaughn.com, but I wouldn’t advise clicking that link. His server is not secure:

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That was in 2018. This is 2020. So, where’s the book?

Since I’m a brave blogger, I took my chances, ignored the warning, and visited Faughn’s dangerous site to see about pre-ordering. This is what I found:

release fall 2018

Faughn is apparently still taking money for a book promised to be released in fall 2018. But the book is still supposedly in progress. (Maybe his Crayon ™ broke?)

I did not pre-order the book. I’m not that brave (or that stupid).

I also searched the internet for anything about that journalistic masterpiece Faughn promised, but the search came up as empty as the charges against Greitens.

If you look closely at that pre-order page, Faughn does provide one nugget of truth. The last sentence:

“…sure to not be seen in bookstores!”

I’d like to know how many suckers pre-ordered this Pulitzer wanna-be. Or how many corrupt politicians and lobbyists ordered 100 copies knowing full well the book was pure fiction, for lack of a better term. (Remember former House Speaker Jim Wright?)

Or was Faughn just lying about the book to cover the people who gave him the money to give to Al Watkins to pay off accusers?

What do you think?