May 8, 2020

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Trump Triumphant

Trump Triumphant

Donald Trump just had another one of those weeks for which he’s become famous.

  • There was the week hit bombed Syria while dining with President Xi of China at Mar a Lago.
  • There was Easter Week 2019 when the Mueller Report exonerated and the economy hit new highs.
  • There was the week of the State of the Union Address that included his exoneration in the Senate.

But, this week’s outbreak of liberty and its commensurate exposure of Trump’s enemies as pure scum is the best so far.

  • Unsealed documents in the Department of Justice’s sham frame-up of General Flynn proved the highest levels of the Obama administration were involved in a coup against the incoming Trump administration.
  • The DOJ dropped its case against General Flynn.
  • States began opening from the hysterical Coronavirus shutdown.
  • A hairdresser in Dallas jailed for refusing to apologize to a egomaniacal judge was ordered released by the Texas Supreme Court.

Let freedom ring!

Trump doesn’t rack up small wins. He’s not consistent. He’s not like a steady, non-flashy golfer. Trump is the Tiger Woods of politics. Monster drive into the woods. Missed second shot into a bunker. Solid wedge onto the green. Fifty-foot putt that changes directions three times for a birdie.

Next hole, do it again.

I can’t remember all the spectacular weeks Trump’s had since announcing his candidacy, but the pattern’s always the same. Something he says creates a commotion. His opponents (and his less resilient supporters) say, “this is it! He’s done.” Then, begins a series of two steps forward, three back, until he seems to be doomed.

Then comes the incredible reversal. Like this week.

Now, we know there is a Deep State, but its members are pretty dumb. They’re dangerous because they’re powerful and, until now, at least, above the law. But they’re stupid and clumsy, too.

Donald Trump accurate stated the Obama Administration wiretapped his transition team back in January 2017. He was mocked. But he was right.

Expect the president to say something crazy in the coming days. (Read about all the times Trump’s crazy statements turned out to be true.) The media will go berserk. And, eventually, Trump’s crazy statement will turn out to be completely accurate.

In the end, Trump will triumph, as he always does.