February 15, 2020

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Fine for Nothing

Fine for Nothing

Last week, the Missouri Ethics Commission fined former Governor Eric Greitens for nothing. Literally, they fined him for doing nothing wrong.

Even CNN finds the Missour Ethics Commission unethical and repulsive:

CNN “Greitens Innocent”

A Missouri panel “found no evidence of any wrongdoing” by former Gov. Eric Greitens following a nearly 18-month investigation into allegations of misconduct by his 2016 gubernatorial campaign, according to a report released Thursday (CNN)

Political pressure from the current Missouri governor undoubtedly weighed on the MEC. Mike Parson helped push Greitens from office amid a flurry of false accusations, manufactured evidence, and dark-money pay-offs to witnesses. Had the MEC failed to come up with some excuse to fine Greitens, you and I would know that Parson was involved in the coup.

Expect Missouri’s oligarchs (aka, Tax Credit Syndicate) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Missouri Times, to ignore Greitens' complete exoneration by the MEC.

Missouirans now realize Greitens was completely innocent, that his accusers were part of a criminal conspiracy to overturn the 2016 election, and Missouri’s politica elite are just as bad at the Washington swamp.

Sometimes, I’m embarrassed to live in this state.