February 4, 2020

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Always Assume They're Cheating

Always Assume They're Cheating

You’ve probably heard that the Democrat Iowa Caucuses were a humiliating and laugh-out-loud disaster. Apparently, the same idiots who built the Obamacare website (aka Harvard) also built a voting app for the caucuses. Like Obamacare, the app didn’t work. At least, that’s the official story.

Iowa Meltdown: CNN

But it’s never uncharitble to presume the Democrats are cheating. Because Democrats are cheaters by nature and practice.

The nightmare scenario for Democrats is Bernie Sanders. If he’s the nominee, Democrats will need a generation to recover.

It’s completely possible that early results in Iowa last night showed a landslide for Bernie, so someone at the DNC activated a kill switch in the app. This would allow the Democrat central committee to choose a winner. And that winner probably won’t be Sanders.

It’s never uncharitable to presume a creature will act in accordance with its nature.

Every reasonable indication out of Iowa was that Sanders would win big and Joe Biden would go down in flames. If the “official” counting produces any other outcome, it’s charitable to assume the Democrats stole another one from Sanders.

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