July 21, 2019

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Trump's Tweets Trigger Word-Thinkers

Trump's Tweets Trigger Word-Thinkers

For a few weeks in June and July, Nancy Pelosi was doing a good job of isolating the Hate Squad. Pelosi realizes that the Hate Squad is bad for Democrats. She saw the Hate Squad growing in media attention, and she worked hard to stop that trend.

Then, like a genius, Donald Trump did what Trump does best: he stuck out his chin to let his opponent (Pelosi) punch herself out.

Which she did.

Are You a Word-Thinker?

Did you freak out over Trump’s tweets about the Hate Squad?

Four radical Communist Democrat freshmen in Congress were labeled the “squad” by Nancy Pelosi. Catchy title, but not complete. “Hate Squad” is more accurate, so we call them the Hate Squad. They hate America, the people who read this blog, and the guy who writes it.

(Credit: “Word-Thinker” is Scott Adams' idea.)

Trump posted a series of tweets attacking the Hate Squad and recommending they go back where they came from if they hate America so much.

Pelosi, triggered by Trump’s words and adding to them in her imagination, allowed the House to pass a resolution condemning Trump’s tweets. (Yes, Congress has become as silly and irrelevant as that lat sentence sounds.)

Result: The Hate Squad is now the official face of the Democrat Party, and Nancy Pelosi staggers in its formidable shadow.

Other Result: A bunch of word-thinkers fell into the same trap Pelosi did. Including many conservatives.

Word-Thinking on the Right

People who called Trump’s tweets racist exposed a few flaws:

  1. They demonstrated ignorance of what racism is. Racism is the persistent belief than some races (Mongoloid, Caucasian, Negroid) are naturally superior (or inferior) to others. Trump tweeted nothing regarding the Hate Squad that involved anything like a statement on race. But, trained by political correctness Gestapo, some people felt compelled to yell “racist” to look woke. Sad!
  2. They demonstrated they are word-thinkers. Meaning, they can’t see the strategy, the larger game, because they can’t think beyond mere words. It’s shallow thinking that fails to see the purpose and the results of words. It’s literal blindness to subconscious effects of words.

What’s weird is that word-thinkers demonstrate that words have psychological effects that go beyond the words themselves. In other words, a word-thinker’s words contradict themselves.

Trump’s tweets were not about races. Word-thinkers decried them as racist. Therefore, word-thinkers have cognitive biases that superimpose racist intent on non-racist text.

And yet, word-thinkers failed to see the actual purpose of Trump’s tweets.

Trump’s intent was to drive Nancy Pelosi to stop isolating the Hate Squad and, instead, embrace and defend the Hate Squad. Which she did! Trump got the exact response he wanted. Pelosi is like a puppet on a string, and Trump is the master puppeteer.

Trump probably anticipated the hysteria of the word-thinkers. He’s okay with that. Trump wins because he’s willing to play the bad guy and take some punches if it leads to a bigger win. But the word-thinking conservative pundits are blind to his strategic games.

An example, a conservative on Fox News said that this was another example of Trump getting in the way of his own re-election. He said, just when the Democrats were about to throw the Hate Squad overboard, Trump stops them with a tweet and makes the Hate Squad the face of the Democrat party.

This conservative seriously thinks this is a bad thing and that Trump did it accidentally. Or recklessly.

But Trump did it purposefully. Strategically. And brilliantly. And it worked.

Keep Your Enemies Close to their Enemies

The Hate Squad is a boat anchor around the Democrats' throats. It’ll sink them.

You can’t make word-thinkers become game-thinkers. Strategic games are beyond most people’s ken. (Sorry, it’s true.) But I wish conservative pundits would wait 72 hours (or more) before jerking their knees in public. Give it some time to see how Trump’s outrageously careless tweets turn out. Usually, they result in another Trump win.

And Trump will win re-election in 2020.