July 24, 2019

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The Mueller Prophecy

The Mueller Prophecy


Let me begin by saying “I am sorry” to Robert Mueller and his family.

I have been critical of Mr. Mueller and his sham “investigation.” I have been uncharitable to him. And I am sorry.

It became clear today that Mr. Mueller wasn’t a hostile actor. Obviously, Mueller is seriously impaired. What we saw in his selection of lawyers, in his handling of the investigation, in his management of partisan and criminal conduct by senior Justice Department officials under his command resulted not from malice toward the president but from incompetence.

That said, I return to the theme of prophecy and prophets.

In the coming days, you will hear news stories. Democrats, both inside the party and outside, warned the House committees responsible for today’s fiasco not to put Bob Mueller under the lights.

Those Democrat prophets warned that Mr. Mueller is not capable of presenting as a competent witness.

We will learn that people close to Mueller, including his family, begged the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee to let it go. Not to embarrass the man.

But little Nads Nadler refused to listen. Nads “knew” Mr. Mueller would use the hearing to tell the American people that President Trump committed serious crimes.

Instead, in his few moments of lucidity, Mr. Mueller refuted Democrat theories even while evading almost every question from Republicans.

Look back at the reasons people ignore the warnings of prophets. In them, you will find the reasons why Mr. Mueller was put in that horrible position today. Especially the second reason: Power.

People with power ignore prophetic warnings because heeding those warnings would damage their power positions.

If Nadler had cancelled the Mueller hearing upon learning of Mueller’s mental decline, he would have been anathema in his own party. He would have been ostracized from the Democrat caucus. He might have lost his chairmanship.

So he ignored the prophets who said, “If you make Bob Mueller testify, you will give Donald Trump four more years in the White House.”

The House Democrats ignored the prophets.

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