December 12, 2019

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Thatcher Reagan Boris Trump

Thatcher Reagan Boris Trump

Boris Johnson’s Tories will win their biggest victory since Margaret Thatcher. Maybe bigger than Thatcher’s. Praise God!

(This will be very short.)

The conservative tide continues. People around the world are fed up with the failed ideas of the 1960s and 1970s. Maybe it was nostalgia that drove world leaders to dig up all the political crap I remember from my childhood. It failed then, and it’s failing us now.

Boris Johnson won a historic landslide because his opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, is a Marxist who promised Marxism. Corbyn’s honesty shocked the Brits. They were red-pilled. And they said, “hell no!”

And the polls didn’t see it coming. The polls expected something like a split government.

But it was a blow-out for the Conservatives. Boris Johnson will have a majority of 72 to 86 seats. It wasn’t even close.

This is why you should never believe a poll. Public poll. Private poll. All polls are lies.

Expect Trump to win 45 states in the biggest blowout since 1984.

Good job, Britain. You’ve taken your great country one step away from the abyss by exiting the EU. As your younger twin, America is proud.

Finally, remember this? And this.

God bless Britain!