January 12, 2019

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Elitists Want to Make St. Louis County More Like Failing City #DontMergeUs

Elitists Want to Make St. Louis County More Like Failing City #DontMergeUs

This blog post will probably destroy my property value.

Snowstorm Humanitarian Crisis on I-44

Last night, hundreds of people (maybe thousands) were trapped in their cars on I-44 eastbound near Eureka, Missouri for 7, 9, 12 hours. Some even longer. According to police scanners, a baby was born on the highway. It was a humanitarian crisis.

I-44 Standstill

Now, St. Louis billionaire Rex Sinquefield wants to make every aspect of your St. Louis County life a humanitarian crisis. Just like last night’s I-44 horror show.

Billionaire’s Plan to Wipe Out St. Louis County

Rex’s private 501(c)3 (that’s a supposed charity that’s actually a billionaire boys' club) called “Better Together” seeks to turn all of St. Louis city and county in a single, unified mega city. Think county taxes with city crime and blight for the entire region.

Residents of both St. Louis City and St. Louis County HATE the idea. It would never pass a vote here. So Rex, being a master manipulator with unlimited money, is going over the heads of city and country taxpayers. He’s writing a referendum to go on the November 2020 ballot that would force city and county residents to bend to his wealthy will. Like sheep to the slaughter.

Sinquefield’s Master Manipulations

Rex likes beating taxpayers into submission though statewide referenda with his billions. He bankrolled the end of state oversight of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Under the false pretense of “local control,” Rex actually imposed his will on the city police. Now, the tyrant Rex Sinquefield wants to impose his will on both city and county.

Read how Rex Sinquefield bankrolls Democrats

Mr. Potter’s S— Sandwich

Rex’s plan is a s— sandwich. It looks appealing until bite in.

Rex is hoping voters outside the St. Louis area won’t notice the smell. They’ll bite, swallow, and destroy St. Louis for him.

There are aspects of Rex’s plan that I like. We have too many tiny municipalities, for instance. But we don’t have 88 too many. Rex’s tyrannical plan eliminates every city government and runs everything from either Clayton or St. Louis City Hall. It guarantees 100% Democrat control of every aspect of your life. It would be the death of the St. Louis region. (Adios, St. Louis Cardinals).

If Rex were a leader instead of a manipulator (think Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life), he’d be using his considerable mind to persuade St. Louis County municipalities to merge. That’s what leaders do. But Rex isn’t leading. He’s manipulating. Like old Mr. Potter.

I have several friends who work for Rex. I don’t mean them any pain. But I’m hurting myself by writing this. After reading this, I expect many people to call a real estate agent and get the hell out while the getting’s good. Home prices are bound to plummet in St. Louis County and skyrocket in Franklin, Jefferson, and St. Charles Counties. Even the metro east might prove a better place to live than St. Louis.

If you want high taxes, crumbling infrastructure, and 12-hour commutes because of bad, centralized government, support Better Together. Otherwise, fight against Better Together and against all of Mr. Potter’s (Sinquefield’s) evil manipulations.

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New headline thanks to Jim Hoft, the masterful headline artist of The Gateway Pundit.