March 23, 2019

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What Could Be In Mueller Report

Just a quick warning. On break from Lenten retreat, but this is bugging me.

Many conservatives are celebrating the Mueller report even though they have no idea what it says.

That’s dangerous, as I pointed out in my post on loving Rachel Maddow:

Finally, we still don’t know the details of the Mueller report. It could contain information that sends conservatives to Twitter to express our rage and anger. We don’t know.

The DoJ’s official stance is that it cannot indict a sitting president. That’s the House of Representatives' job through impeachment. With that in mind, it’s possible that Mueller concluded that President Trump acted with “corrupt intent” in firing Comey and would be charged with obstucting justice if he weren’t the sitting president.

If something like that were to come out of the report, Rachel Maddow will be smiling. It will take the House of Representatives about a week to impeach. What would happen in the Senate is anybody’s guess, but I wouldn’t count on the like of Roy Blunt and Mitch McConnell to stand by the president.

That’s one of the reasons I wrote that post at 2:30 a.m. I think it’s premature to dance on anybody’s grave. The fat lady hasn’t started singing yet.