November 17, 2019

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How to Deplatform Twitter

You can deplatform Twitter and damage their business model. You don’t need money or special skills or lawyers. But deplatforming Twitter requires two things:

  1. Commitment.
  2. Friends.

Friends can be strangers, as long as they use Twitter. Twitter followers are perfect friends for this action.

What Is “Deplatforming” and Why Should We Do It?

Deplatforming is one of these new words that irritate me. But new words have the virtue of universality. Like very old words from a dead language. New words haven’t been around long enough to have taken on divergent meanings.

Deplatforming is the act of driving a voice out of social media platforms. Silencing someone.

The radical left has been actively deplatforming conservatives for years. Leftist organizations hire people to look at Twitter and report conservatives. Twitter immediately suspends or bans anyone who’s reported for violating their leftist, snowflake rules.

Conservatives have played tit-for-tat, but Twitter cheats. Twitter doesn’t silence the leftists, but it does silence conservatives. So tit-for-tat is a loser’s strategy.

Conservatives have also tried appealing to fairness. But Twitter is owned by leftists who don’t believe in fairness. They believe in retribution. So appeals to fairness only cause more conservatives to be silenced.

Sounds like we’re at the mercy of Twitter’s vengeful, leftist oligarchs, doesn’t it?

Not really.

Like all leftists, Twitter’s executives and owners have only one real goal: to get all the money in the world for themselves. In this pursuit, they’ve been pretty successful. They’re all billionaires. And money is power.

But it’s also the ultimate weakness. The love of money is a weakness. Twitter owners love money. Therefore, Twitter owners have a weakness.

Exploit their weakness and deplatform them. This week.

How to Deplatform Twitter

I’m now going to tell you how to deplatform Twitter by exploiting the weakness of its owners and executives. It will sound too easy. But trust me. This will work.


Block every ad you see on Twitter.

That’s it. Block the ads.

Do it ruthlessly and relentless. Block 100 advertisers a day. Every day. For a week.

Get all of your followers to do the same.

Encourage strangers to do it.

At the end of one week, you should have block 700 advertisers. Good and bad advertisers. Great causes and wicked companies alike. Take no prisoners and offer no quarter. Block them all. (You’re not hurting the advertisers; you’re saving them money.)

How Will Blocking Advertisers Hurt Twitter?

Twitter makes all of its money from paid ads. Twitter uses sophisticated algorithms to present ads that most likely to appeal to you. They watch your online and offline behavior. They watch who you follow and what you click. They give you a score and match you to advertisers based on your propensity to click that ad.

Twitter gets paid based on impressions, fit, and clicks. The better the fit, the more they get paid.

This system assumes that you won’t block an ad that’s been algorithmically selected just for you. And they get paid a lot for closely fit impressions. Even more for clicks.

When you block that well-fit ad, Twitter has to present lower-fit ads ad a lower price. When you block 100 ads, Twitter has to present ads that don’t match your scores at all. Twitter still gets something for presenting these ads, but only a fraction of what they make on well-fit ads.

When you block 700 ads, Twitter is practically advertising for free.

(I’m not getting ads for local diners in small towns in Pennsylvania. I live in St. Louis and rarely travel to Pennsylvania. I’ve never been to the city where this diner is.)

Why Do I Need Friends

This strategy to deplatform Twitter requires a lot of people to block a lot of advertisers. But it’s doable. I already know 4 people who’ve block ads on Twitter. And more are doing this every day.

If all of President Trump’s followers blocked all ads for a week, Twitter would be in trouble. They would. Their ad revenue would fall. Advertisers would look for alternative channels. Twitter would announce some plan to combat the practice. They might even promise to clean up their vengeful behavior.

What’s the End Game?

The end game here is to deplatform Twitter, just as Twitter deplatforms conservatives and Christians. I don’t want to negotiate with Jack Dorsey over terms of service. I want to make their investors sell their stock at bargan-basement prices. I want to destabilize their entire business model.

I want people to keep blocking advertisers no matter what Twitter does. Even if Twitter were to restore the accounts of every conservative they’ve deplatformed, I’d just keep blocking advertisers.

This Is War

In war, only fools give the enemy quarter. Only idiots and losers agree to temporary cease-fires. In war, you fight for one objective and one objective only: you fight war for the unconditional surrender of the enemy. If the enemy doesn’t surrender, you annihilate them. If you’re willing to settle for less than unconditional surrender or annihilation of the enemy, you went to war too causally.

I want Twitter to go out of business, even though I use Twitter every day. I use it to kill it.

This is war, and Twitter is the enemy. They can surrender or die.

Try It

Try blocking all the ads you see on Twitter for a week. Notice how inappropriate and pointless the ads become over time. How irrelevant they are to you. And remember that relevancy is the the lifeblood of Twitter’s profits. And profits are Twitter’s weakness.

P.S. Sorry for the typos, but I wrote in this in a hurry, as soon as my hypothesis passed a few tests. I might clean it up later. But, please, start blocking Twitter ads as soon as you read this.