Politics Is Downstream of the Preternatural

Politics Is Downstream of the Preternatural

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Does it ever feel to you as if all our grassroots work may be wasted? Like we’re on a political and cultural treadmill that’s turning just a little faster than we can run? That the universe is laughing our efforts and mocking our dreams?

You may be right. We could be crazy.

So, before you fire off that next tweet about the Arizona audit or post a rant about Dave Schatz’s 70% gasoline tax increase in Missouri, I want you know to be sure your work is not in vain.

Check Your intention #

Tell me if this sound like your motivation for staying informed and taking action:

  • I want to run my own life.
  • I want to save America.
  • I want my kids and grandkids to grow up in a free country.
  • I want to make government do its job and no more.

Maybe those are not the words you’d use, but you probably agree with the notion. This is why we fight, right?

What I am about to tell you will transform your grassroots efforts like nothing you can imagine. This little trick makes everything successful and good. This is the truth you’ve been looking for and may have already found.

Your Intention Determines Your Outcome #

Now, I know that sub-headline sounds like it’s from a cheezy self-help manual advertised in a late-night informercial you roll your eyes at but can’t stop watching. I know “your intention determines your outcom” sounds like pseudo-logic to you: it sounds true even though it may be just sentiment.

I don’t blame you for thinking so. I felt the same way when I wrote it. It sounds like a self-help guru’s slogan.

So be it. “Your intention determines your outcome” is the key to victory, though. It is 100% guaranteed to work every time it’s tried.

The problem is, most of us have the wrong intention in all of our grassroots efforts. We pursue the right end but always for the wrong reasons.

The Only Perfect Intention Has Never Changed #

There is only one perfect intention that guarantees success in everything we do. But, too often, we forget this one perfect intention.

If our intention is to make America or Missouri a better place, we have the wrong intention.

If our intention is to ensure a free country for our children, we have the wrong intention.

If anything on the list above is your intention, it is misguided and will be hindered and disturbed, as Eptictetus wrote in his Enchiridion.

There is is only one right intention that makes all human efforts successful in an of themselves. And you probably already know what it is.

All Human Efforts Must Be Undertaken for the Greater Glory of God #

There it is. The perfect intention: the greater glory of God.

We protest at the state capitol for the greater glory of God.

We oppose forced experimental vaccinations for the greater glory of God.

We write letters, sign petitions, and attend rallies for the greater glory of God.

We love our neighbors as ourselves for the greater glory of God.

Even the most noble action will be a source of hindrence and disturbance if done for any other intention. If we nurse the sick, heal the wounded, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, it must be done for the greater glory of God it will lead to frustration.

But anything we do for the greater glory of God will most assuredly achieve its aim and hit its target. If our intention in everything we do is to glorify God, we have already succeeded. If all our actions are ordered to God’s satisfaction, we are 100% guaranteed of success.

But Wait—There’s More! #

When we make the greater glory of God our first and primary intention, every action we take will be more effective. The intention of honoring God will change how we take action. It will change the words we use and the feeling we attach to our efforts.

When all of you work is ordered toward God’s glory—even the work of admonishing sinners and defeating enemies—you will feel yourself choosing words that will please God and tactics that will align to His will. No, your words and actions won’t be perfect yet. Your fallen nature will get in the way. You will make mistakes.

But if you practice ordering all your actions toward His greater glory, He will guide you, train you, and inspire you.

Prayer Before Politics #

There is only one conflict in the entire universe, and that is the conflict caused by Satan’s rebellion against God. In his rebellion, Satan seeks to deny God the love of man. Satan works his preternatural magic in this world of which he is the prince. And we are helpless to resist him absent the grace of God.

The only battle is Satan’s against God.

God does not really fight back because God has already won. When Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day, Satan and death were overcome. But Satan wants to inflict as much pain on God’s people as he can before he’s finally tossed into the abyss.

I have absolutely no fear of error in writing this, and everyday gives us fresh evidence of this preternatural battle for humanity. Just look at this headline on The Gateway Pundit today:

Teen Vogue Explains How to Use Menstrual Blood in Witchcraft to Their 12-17 Year Old Readers #

You read that right: Teen Vogue teaches teenage girls how to perform witchcraft using mentrual blood. It’s doubtful Satan has held such sway over humanity since the time Christ walked the earth.

Politics is beneath the preternatural. That does not mean we must ignore politics. It does mean we must engage for only one intention: the greater glory of God. And if we do all things solely for that intention, we cannot fail.

If you need inspiration, read Ephesians 6:10-19 or read this blog post. Or this, *All Political Problems Are Demonic".

P.S. Sometimes I forget to make my intention toward God’s glory. All other intentions, however nice they may be, are ultimately self-serving. Please pray for me that all my actions are done for perfect intention of God’s greater glory, and I will do the same for you.

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