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Video: White House Chief of Staff Says Obama Has Complete Power to Decree Healthcare Rules

Jack Lew, Obama’s Chief of Staff, says Obamacare law gives the President the power make rules regarding your health.  Period. Lee Presser’s comment nails it: Chris Wallace states this is precisely the reason why so many people oppose Obamacare. Share this frightening power grab with your friends.


“[N]o one did it like Breitbart”

Last night, someone asked me, “who’s the most influential person in your iPhone contacts?” “I don’t know,” I said. “Breitbart’s dead.” David Carr writes in New York Times about the Life and Death of Andrew Breitbart. Be advised that neither Carr nor NYT shares our political beliefs. And the tactics they cheer from the left, …

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Down at the Lake, They Want to Know “Is the Tea Party Dead?”

Own Your Life

Is the Tea Party dead?  That’s the big question this week around the Lake of the Ozarks. First, Eric Reeve The Lake Liberal wrote this letter-to in Lake News Online. He concludes: We may hear of the Tea Party here and there in the future, but I doubt it will ever figure prominently in American politics …

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Video: Rick Santelli Destroys The Buffett Rule Live on CNBC


The man who’s 2009 rant inspired the Tea Party movement shreds Obama’s “soak the rich” plan. Shreds I said. Santelli Crushes Buffett Rule There is no tax solution to America’s spending problem.  Each additional dollar confiscated from the economy to feed the Washington bureaucracy results in an additional $1.40 in new spending. Washington IS THE …


A Former Governor and a Famous St. Louis Lawyer Indicted for Illegal Contributions to Democrat Party, and A Law Firm Changes Names in Mid-Quote

Roger Wilson

Everyone else is writing about the news that former Missouri Democrat Governor, Roger Wilson and local lawyer Ed Griesedieck Jr. were indicted on federal fraud charges today. The two allegedly made contributions to the Democrat Party (legal), and reimbursed themselves out of Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company’s coffers (illegal). But that’s not the weird part.  …

2012 Election

The Election’s Over, and the Republicans Got Creamed. Here’s What Went Wrong

November 7, 2012—When the AP called Florida for Obama only twenty minutes after polls closed there (8:00 EDT), any hopes of a Republican presidential victory were dashed. And before polls closed in the West, we knew that the GOP had lost the House as well as seven state legislatures. In short, the Grand Old Party …


Obama, Obamacare and the Supreme Court

First, my prediction: 1) Is Obamacare a tax? (8-1 Against) Technically speaking, if Obamacare is a tax, it could be non-justiciable until implementation.  However, judicial precedence suggests the courts may review a tax before its implementation in certain circumstances.  The Government did not even want to argue that Obamacare was a tax, so the Supreme …