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Abortionists for Birth Defects

In Illinois, quickly becoming the most leftist state in the union, Planned Parenthood and other infanticide supporters, are pushing a bill through the state’s legislature that will make it more difficult for pregnant women to obtain ultrasounds, according to the _Illinois Leader _via Jack Lewis. Why? Because seeing a picture of an unborn child tends to turn women against whimsical murder–the chief form of amusement for Planned Parenthood. Michelle Malkin quotes Bryan Preston: Read more →

Ward Churchill in San Francisco

A seemingly drunk Ward Churchill is spewing bizarre conspiracy theories on C-SPAN, taped March 25, 2005. He claims that 6 in 10 New Yorkers believe that September 11 was perpetrated by the US Government. He went on to say that he won’t give “white guys” credit for the attacks until he has proof. He’s having a very difficult time reading the questions. “Is capitalism bad?” (chuckles from audience) “Okay, you heard it here first: capitalism is bad. Read more →

The Eighties are Over

Most people who dabble in politics and political writing can point to one defining moment, one event, one story that crystallized some nebulous thoughts into a clear, palatable drive to do something. If you were born in 1963, the youngest of four, and you watched the excesses of the 1960s rip your older sisters from your parents, you share a lot with me. On November 4, 1979, I lay in the bathtub warming sore, cold muscles after a rare Sunday high school football game. Read more →

Peter Jennings: Get Well Soon

Politics used to end at the water’s edge. Now it ends at the treatment room. Peter Jennings announced today that he has lung cancer–the deadliest cancer of them all. Many who read this blog detest Jennings’s politics, as do I. But Peter Jennings’s life hasn’t been all roses. When Don Imus made fun of his marital situation a few years ago, I couldn’t laugh. Perhaps Imus had never loved. Or perhaps he’d been spared the pain of a love that blinded him to the treachery of the object of his affection. Read more →

A Great Writer

A few years back (quite a few), I picked up a copy of Esquire at an airport news stand. I think I was in Charleston, but it might have been Atlanta. It was hot. The issue contained the best American short stories of the year–judged by whom, I do not know. Whoever they were, they got one right. I wish I remembered the story or the name of the Saul Bellow entry. Read more →

John Paul II Random Thoughts

These thoughts have been thoroughly screened by Beefeater’s and tonic with a lime. Forgive the spelling, syntax, and logic. Whatever’s left should be absolutely brilliant, so get your pen out; you’ll want to take notes. Did I ever tell you that, as a boy, I had four ambitions: sports broadcaster, actor, lawyer, and US Senator? I mention this because I believe the training for the first two–sports and acting–prepare a young man for anything at all. Read more →

Too Many Deaths

I planned to write a column-length piece today. I even mapped out an outline: Terri Schiavo, Jesse Jackson, the Colorado Supreme Court. Then the Pope died. I sat here for a couple of hours trying to think of something to write. I thought of much. Unfortunately, none of the things would interest readers. There’s been too much death lately. Minnesota, Terri Schiavo, little girls in Nebraska and Florida, the Pope, even Johnnie Cochran. Read more →

John Paul II: Live Blog

The Vatican just announced that the Pope suffered heart failure earlier this evening. Dr. Arthur St. Andre says that he may … may … be surviving only on his IV to keep his blood pressure up. The Vatican describes the pontiff as seriously ill but lucid and comfortable. There are reports that doctors recommended he return to the hospital, but he personally declined. Obviously, he wants to die at what has been his home for the past quarter century. Read more →