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Democrats Hate Asylum Seekers From Commie Countries

WARNING: College-educated suburban women should not read this article because it will punch holes in their unicorn-and-rainbows delusions. Democrats use refugees like pawns in their perverted and wicked quest for power. Once upon a time, nearly all asylum seekers were turned away by the United States. These were times when Democrats ran the White House or both Houses of Congress. Most recently, the Obama administration banned all asylum seekers from Cuba. Read more →

What do Stoics and Catholics Have in Common?

Lots, actually. But one Stoic practice that’s central to Christianity seems pertinent on All Hallow’s Eve: memento mori. Remember your death. Remember, you will die. We all die. All the tech billionaires spending their fortunes trying to live forever will die. No matter how young and healthy you are, time is running through your hourglass. It will run out. And you probably won’t know when. For over a year I’ve carried a challenge coin that reminds me of my death: Read more →

The Secret to a Better Life and Less Political Violence Is Here

If you read a lot of business and personal improvement blogs, you know they feed a lot of tips for living a better life. By “better” they mean making more money, getting a promotion, being more productive, whatever. Are those things really what makes life better? If so, why do so many successful people burn out? John Belushi, River Phoenix, Amy Winehouse, Janice Joplin, Michael Jackson. Is it show business? Read more →

This could make Missouri a blue state fast

Amendment 1 would turn over Missouri’s state and federal gerrymandering to an unelected demographer. This means there’s an 8 to 1 chance (87.5%) that the demographer will be a Democrat. Demography is a social science. Social science majors are mostly far left or liberal. Only a handful of social science majors call themselves conservative: A 2015 study by psychologist José Duarte, then at Arizona State University, and his colleagues in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, entitled “Political Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science,” found that 58 to 66 percent of social scientists are liberal and only 5 to 8 percent conservative and that there are eight Democrats for every Republican. Read more →

I was wrong! And here’s the lesson

A couple of days back I said the mail “bombs” looked like a false flag. But I left open the possibility of a crazy Republican. Boy, am I glad I gave myself that out. I should have paid more attention to Scott Adams in those days. Scott used pure statistical reasoning to conclude that the packages probably came from a crazy Trump supporter: base cases. There are more crazy people than there are brilliant criminal strategists who hate Trump. Read more →

Looks Like a False Flag Event

Maybe it’s a false flag. Maybe it’s not. But it looks like a false flag. All these mail bombs I’m talking about. You have to ask yourself: “who would do this two weeks before an election?” If you’re a conservative, do you do something that’s bound to inspire sympathy for lefties right before an election? No. Unless you’re insane. Any sane person would know that a (failed) mail-bomb plot targeting a bunch of Democrats and leftists will only make conservatives look bad. Read more →

Here’s what’s at stake on November 7

I get the feeling a lot of people think mid-term elections are like pre-season hockey. These people think the only election that counts is the presidential election. These people are, frankly, idiots. Sorry. They are. What’s at stake in less than two weeks is huge. One of the biggest mid-term elections in your lifetime. If you want it reduced to a simple either/or, here it is. Donald Trump will be an unstoppable swamp drainer and job creator or a lame duck. Read more →

What’s October Without a Fest? Wed. Oct. 24 @ 6:30 p.m.

And by “fest” I mean “fundraiser.” Or just fun. For Dottie Bailey, soon to be the new Missouri House Rep from 110th District of Wildwood, Eureka, and Pacific. Fun and Fundraiser for Dottie Bailey October 24, 2018 | 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Eureka Wine House 107 S Central Ave, Eureka, MO 63025 Come out and join us! This will be fun. Great chance to meet Dottie and talk to old political friends about the upcoming election. Read more →