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Fasting Is a Good Spring Cleaning for the Soul

My heart and soul needed a good spring cleaning, and Lent arrived just in time. Lent is fasting season. Most people know what fasting is, but many people don’t know what religious fasting is for. What good does fasting do the soul? Fasting is form of asceticism. That means intentionally depriving yourself of some comfort or sensual pleasure. Asceticism does not require pain or self-flagellation. Self-flagellation tends to lead to pride and should be avoided. Read more →

I thought this prophetic post was too crazy to publish

In a blog I never published for fear of being thought insane, I conveyed a prophecy: Many Christians will be accused of crimes against the state for simply following Christ’s teachings and believing that Jesus is our lord and savior. When you are accused and at trial, the Holy Spirit will speak through you if you let Him. You won’t need to come up with your own defense. Read more →

Looking Forward to Lent

I have never looked forward to the start of Lent. Lent is a time of repentance and atonement in anticipation of the commemoration of the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus. The whole idea of repentance and atonement always bothered me. Until now. This year, I can’t wait for Lent to begin. First, I’ve been called to redirect my zeal away from politics and toward God. Instead of bringing people into communion with the Constitution and liberty, I’m asked to bring people to Christ and Christ to people. Read more →

Elitists Want to Make St. Louis County More Like Failing City #DontMergeUs

This blog post will probably destroy my property value. Snowstorm Humanitarian Crisis on I-44 Last night, hundreds of people (maybe thousands) were trapped in their cars on I-44 eastbound near Eureka, Missouri for 7, 9, 12 hours. Some even longer. According to police scanners, a baby was born on the highway. It was a humanitarian crisis. Now, St. Louis billionaire Rex Sinquefield wants to make every aspect of your St. Read more →

Congratulations Representative Dottie Bailey

The one who has the bride is the bridegroom; the best man, who stands and listens for him, rejoices greatly at the bridegroom’s voice. So this joy of mine has been made complete. (Johhn 3:29) Yesterday, January 9, 2019, was a watershed day for everyone who ever associated with the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition. Your own Dottie Bailey was sworn in as Representative of the 110th State House district of Eureka, Wildwood, and Pacific. Read more →

Praying for Those Who Persecute Us

You might have read the post A Fourth Turning Warning. If you did, you’re probably wondering if I’ve lost mind. If you conclude I have not lost my mind, you probably wonder why I’d run from the fight. So I should probably address that. Let’s start, as we should always, with the Word. In this case, the Book of Matthew 5:43-45: “You have heard that is was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. Read more →

A Fourth Turning Warning for America: Climax

Yesterday, I warned, again, that the center didn’t hold. There is no center in American politics. Americans are more divided than at any time since the Civil War. (Read We Have the War Upon Us by William J. Cooper) Today, I have a short warning from the great book The Fourth Turning by Howe and Strauss. What Should Have Happened after 2016 Strauss and Howe prophesied an election that changed everything sometime during the Crisis era which began with the fall of Lehman Brothers (the last time Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House): Read more →

Romney Doesn’t Get It: Flanders Fields

Mitt Romney’s naïveté is almost cute. He thinks it’s still 1982. But it’s not cute because it’s destructive. The world has changed, and everything is ready to fall apart. See, Mitt is mad that President Donald Trump hasn’t done more to “unite” the country. Mittens wants the president to be more “unifying.” Because “trying” to unite the country would solve everything, right? But the world has changed. Americans today are as polarized as they were 1861. Read more →

Now Experts Are Worse Than Useless

Millennials seem to believe anything that comes from the mouth of an “expert.” Even the older Millennials are probably too green to realize that listening to experts will produce worse results than going with your gut. It works like this … when we go with our gut (or some non-expert’s suggestion), we build in a wide margin for error. We recognize the fallibility of our own judgment and proceed with due caution. Read more →

2019: Year of the Fast

Fasting is probably the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. It’s also the cheapest healthy thing you can do. Unlike most diets and exercise plans, supplements, and, especially, trips to a doctor, fasting actually saves money. When you fast, you don’t eat. Further, fasting is the simplest thing you can do to improve your physical and mental health. There are only two things to remember: Don’t eat. Read more →