Trump Has 3 Ways to Win; Biden Has 1

Trump has three ways to win, while Biden has only one. And, the longer it takes, the better Trump’s chances.

Biden has one path to victory: getting ballots counted and certified without scrutiny. That’s it. If Biden can get enough states to stop counting votes while he’s in the lead, he wins. (As long as all the ballots are legit or assumed legit.)

Trump has three ways to win:

  1. Get enough states to stop counting votes when he’s in the lead (same as Biden).

  2. Delay the process to December 3, forcing state legislatures to pick the winner.

  3. Get the election to the House of Representatives for a tie-breaker.

The first strategy for each candidate is obvious. Trump’s second and third strategies are less obvious, so let’s explore them a bit.

State Legislatures: If a state’s election results are not certified by the time the Electoral College meets, the state’s legislature chooses the electors. As luck would have, Republicans control the legislature in almost every state, still counting votes. So, if the counting process goes too long, Trump wins.

Congress: If Trump and Biden end up with the same number of certified electors, then the House of Representatives picks the winner. But each member of Congress does not get a vote. The 12th Amendment says each state delegation gets one vote. In both the current and next Congress, Republicans control the majority of state delegations, 26-23. If this election gets to the House of Representatives, Trump wins. And a tie is still mathematically possible.

That’s three ways for Trump to win and only one way to lose. If you’re a strategist, you now have to decide which path to take. This decision requires a level of understanding of the judicial process that I don’t have. Without that knowledge, I would take strategy number 2.

Now, It’s Your Turn to Act #

You want something to do, I know. We all do. Well, you have the essential job in this entire battle.


Pray that God grants an election according to His holy will (not ours). Pray for the lawyers and actuaries and accountants who will challenge the ballots in the various states. Pray for the people who committed fraud to steal an election.

Pray for yourself. Not that your will be done, but that you receive the grace to accept God’s Will, whatever it may be. Pray that God does NOT give us the president we deserve but rather shows His mercy by giving the president who allows us to do His holy will.

I went to Holy Mass tonight and left feeling fortunate. Maybe God’s will for this election is to draw us all closer to Him through His Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.