How to Shame House Republican Leadership On Immigration *ACTION*

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And, yes, “House Republican Leadership” is a code word for Ann Wagner.

Every victorious Republican ran on a promise to aggressively check Obama’s illegal executive actions.

They weren’t all lying. Only the “leaders” lied.

House leadership is trying to weasel out of its commitment to voters to block Obama’s illegal activities.

The House can easily** attach a rider to the upcoming spending bill** prohibiting any money from going toward Obama’s 10 illegal illegal alien memoranda. Such a rider is basically a reverse earmark. Instead of dictating who money must be spent, it dictates how money must not be spent.

The Hyde Amendment is a glorious examples of reverse earmarks in action. The Hyde Amendment prohibits taxpayer funding of abortions. It has worked for 40 years.

While most House Republican candidates campaigned on just such an action to thwart Obama’s illegal illegal alien orders, the House Leadership now wants to substitute real legislative leadership with candy-ass symbolism.

Call Ann Wagner’s office, (636) 779-5449 and tell her anything short of a rider to the next spending bill that prohibits funding of Obama’s immigration actions will be intolerable. (And use the word “intolerable,” because it conjures up The Intolerable Acts. And it sounds more grown-up than “unacceptable.")

Her office will mumble some candy-ass nonsense about government shutdowns. You can reply, “No one’s talking about a shutdown. But the last time Republicans got blamed for shutting down the government, voters gave them their biggest House majority since Hoover.”

Her office might say, “Yeah, but why not wait til we have a majority in the Senate in January.”

Your reply, “If you don’t have the courage to act now, why would I believe you’ll grow the courage in a month? And more importantly, if you don’t block the spending now, the White House will use other funds to pre-load the immigration costs.”

You can also stop by Wagner’s St. Louis office:

Here’s the address and map.

301 Sovereign Court

Suite 201

Ballwin, MO 63011

hours: M-F 9-5:00pm

One word of caution, though. You might not want to mention Heritage Foundation. Ann Wagner believes Heritage is a dangerous, radical organization bent on overthrowing Superman and apple pie, or something. &nbsp


Tweetfest: #DefundObamasAmnesty this Wednesday 12/3 from 3-5 PM CST. Focus on your Rep: @RepAnnWagner. (Leutkemeyer still thinks Twitter the last name of a C&W singer).

CALL: (636) 779-5449

VISIT: 301 Sovereign Court, Suite 201, Ballwin, MO 63011 (hours: M-F 9 am to 5 pm)

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