Saving the World from Environmentalism

With the possible exception of phrenology, nothing has produced more false, even fraudulent science than has environmentalism. Scientists of various sorts with otherwise solid credentials have, for years, allowed their own political biases bastardize results of scientific inquiry in order to “prove” what is not provable or lacks valid scientific evidence.

Moreover, people, particularly procreative baby boomers and the generation that followed, believes such nonsense without critical questioning. Author Michael Crichton, himself an environmentalist and scientist, has had enough. If you tend to believe what you hear on the evening news or even in academic periodicals about the environment, you must read this speech. You don’t have to believe Crichton any more than I believe those he attacks. But anyone who wishes to claim, “I’ve thought about it critically,” must learn some way of measuring the veracity of environmental science’s claims. Read the speech