The Number One Reason People Hate Elections

I wrote previously that I hate elections.

I have many reasons for hating elections. One reason, though, seems pretty common: horrible, insulting radio ads.


Two ads really stick out:

  1. The negative ad that mentions the sponsoring candidate’s opponent(s) five times as often as it mentions the candidate you’re supposed to remember at the poll.

  2. The couple having a stilted, phony conversation about the sponsoring candidate using words and interruptions that no human being ever uttered or ever will.

I realize that Missouri’s political consultants create and run these ads, often over objections from their client. The consultants know better. Except theses makes people HATE politics. In fact, some friends of mine sponsored some of the worst ads I’ve ever heard—ads so horrible it took all my strength not to drive my car into a brick building at 90 miles an hour. Ads that made me want rip the radio out of my dashboard and stick my tongue on the arcing, sparking loose wires.

So I’m adopting a new policy: I will not vote for a candidate who airs are crappy ad. And will publish the names of candidates I won’t vote for because of their ads.

Will my little act of rebellion improve political ad quality? I doubt it. But it will make me feel better and save me time voting. I can skip a lot of races.

Am I being childish? Maybe. I don’t care, really. I have too much respect for great copy writing and excellent advertising. I am no longer willing to endorse shitty ads with my vote.

P.S. Check back Sunday evening for new content. I’m giving my keyboard a rest. And thank you for reading.