Note On "Civil War" Series

You might have noticed “Civil War: Chapter One” here on Hennessy’s View. You may not have realized this is fiction. You might also not realize that chapter one means there’s more to come.

I will release a new chapter every other day. Sometimes I might release two chapters at once because some chapters might be too short to release on their own.

I don’t know where this story goes, and neither do you. Don’t assume you know. Characters will tell me their story, and I’ll jot down what I hear. I might add my own commentary. I don’t know. It’s a story.

When the characters resolve their final conflicts, the story will end. Where or when that end comes is anybody’s guess.

I welcome your comments, but please don’t assume you can drive the plot lines. None of us can. It’s up to the characters to work things out. And anything is possible in fiction. Anything at all.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. See you at the end.

P.S. While I’m starting this novella on my blog, I might decide to turn it into an e-book. I like the freemium business model. If I decide to make it a book, you’ll be happy to pay a small price to find out how the story turns out.