Michelle Obama's Dictates Force Eureka High PTO To Beg

When did first ladies become dictators?

Seriously. The president’s family has no more authority than anyone else. The reason people show contempt for activist spouses of presidents is the same reason history hates Marie Antoinette.

I know, the all-Democrat Congress passed the school nutrition law in 2010, but Michelle Obama wrote it.

Michelle Obama has dictated that no tasty foods may enter any school property. That ban includes school bake sales and snack shops which has PTOs scrambling to replace lost income.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The law also required the U.S. Department of Agriculture to set standards for all food and beverages sold during the school day, which includes vending machines, snack carts and daytime fundraisers. 

That law could cost the Eureka High School PTO half its annual profits according an email to parents sent last week:

These guidelines directly affect most of the items that we sell in our School Store and we are no longer able to offer them to our student customers.  In the past, our school store has made profits totaling almost $20,000 each year.  This has allowed us to support many programs at the school without having to fundraise.  We anticipate that these new guidelines will reduce our profit from the store by more than $10,000.

Those “profits” pay for numerous programs and events for students. So the PTO is asking for parents to make up the difference.

We know that you are asked to fundraise [sic] for the many activities your child participates in so we will not be asking EHS students to fundraise [sic] individually to benefit the PTO.  But we are asking your assistance to help us make up the deficit we are now facing.Please consider purchasing Spirit Wear this fall or ordering a Balloon Bouquet this school year. 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Americans are too fat. We’re also too lazy, too slow, and too afraid of walking a block. Missouri is particularly obese—so much so that people around the country laugh about it.

On a business trip to California, recently, a waitress paid me the backhanded compliment of, “you’re to thin to be from St. Louis.” Word gets around.

And schools don’t need to be shoveling Suzy Qs and Mountain Dew at kids all day.

It’s the school’s job, though, and not the federal government’s, to cut down the carbs available on campus. Twenty years ago, administrators found he money addictive when Pepsi distributors flooded their schools with vending machines. Plus, federal funding allows school cafeterias to serve enormous portions of pizza and burgers at low cost to the students. And elimination of recess, because kids might get hurt, took away the kids' chance to burn calories and to just be kids.

The answer to obese kids isn’t a federal nanny state. The answer is to get the federal government out of education and for parents to shut down the video games for a couple of hours a day.