It's Election Day and Nancy Pelosi Could Seize Power by Wednesday

WARNING: This post is dark. I post it as a warning of what could happen. In fact, it’s exactly what the left is telling us they will do. Be prepared.

It’s as if 2020 were a super-concentrated formula of everything that went wrong in the 20th century. Concentration leads to pressure. Pressure leads to heat. Hot concentrates explode.

Tomorrow could see the US explode in a final act of self-immolation.

Let’s take a look at what could happen on Election Day and after.

Trump Wins in a Laugher #

The Biden campaign told key staffers that Trump is one state away from a win.

Director of Battleground Strategy Nick Trainer tells reporters that Biden campaign just outlined on a zoom call that said Trump was within one state of winning

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) November 2, 2020

On the same Zoom call on November 2, the campaign admitted that early voting numbers were far from what their models showed Biden needed to win.

In other words, Democrat voters just ain’t showing up. And Republicans are more motivated than they’ve been since 1860.

Democrats and the media already know Trump is going to win. They’ve expected this for a long time. Polls that showed Biden with an impossible lead were fake. But they were not designed to discourage Trump voters. The counterfeit polls had a far more sinister purpose.

Fake Polls Justify the Coup #

The Democrat media issued a barrage of fake polls to justify their post-election chaos. The Biden campaign and the DNC are already producing ads claiming the election was fraudulent and encouraging Democrats to riot.

Sources indicate that the Biden Campaign is panicking

Early vote totals are not where they should be for a Biden Win

They already have ads cut trying to delegitimize vote totals in hopes they can win this in the courts

Trump's needs an overwhelming victory to avoid this. VOTE!

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) November 2, 2020

Today, Scott Adams explained how this might work. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Everybody I know (except for the hardcore political junkies) believes Biden will win a popular and electoral landslide bigger than Reagan’s in 1980. So, the fake polls worked. Most people believe Biden can only lose by voter suppression.

The coup is staged.

Trump’s Win Triggers Chaos #

All Times Central

At about 7:00 p.m. on election night, BLM and Antifa protesters will begin filling in Lafayette Park across from the White House. This gathering will start peacefully enough. It will probably be billed as a celebration, at first.

About 9:00, the Democrat press will take on a somber tone. Trump will be safely ahead in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and Maine. Though the Democrat press won’t report it, they will all know why:

  • African-American turnout is low, and exit polls show 20 to 30 percent support for President Trump among Black voters

  • Hispanic vote is above or near 50 percent for Trump

  • Youth vote (18-24) is lower than forecast

  • Election Day Republican turnout is higher than expected

  • Registered Democrats vote for Trump in higher numbers than expected

  • Fewer people than expected voted early, and Democrats were disproportionately early voters

Because these trends are consistent from Florida to New York to Pennsylvania, the networks and big papers know by 9:00 CST that Trump will win in a romp.

But they won’t tell you that.

About 10:00, states in the central timezone will establish a pattern: a few surprise pick-ups for Trump, no flips for Biden. Texas is called earlier than expected. Michigan looks to be Trump Country again.

The networks will hold out hope that Pennsylvania’s late-arriving ballots will be enough to keep things interesting while awaiting polls to close in the Pacific timezone.

The Mob Turns #

About 10:30 CDT, the mob in Lafayette Park becomes unruly. Fireworks, which have been going off all night in “celebration,” begin to land closer and closer to the line of police in front of the White House fence. Witnesses will later say that the crowd “double in size in the blink of an eye.” The mob starts moving toward the police line at about 10:40 Central.

In New York, mayhem breaks out near Trump Tower. Then come reports of rioting in Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Then, Denver. Network coverage goes to split screens with the election on one side and the mayhem on the other.

By 11:15, everyone knows Trump will win even though not a single network or newspaper has called it. Trump’s margins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are larger than the outstanding mail-in votes available.

At 11:30 Central, President Trump declares himself the winner despite no call from “the sore loser” Joe Biden. Immediately, the mob in Washington storms the White House fence as splinter groups burn churches, businesses, and homes throughout the nation’s capital. Commercial firework mortars begin hitting the White House. Washington’s mayor refuses to allow the police to declare a riot or arrest anyone. The Secret Service takes the First Family to the secure bunker, and military helicopters fill the sky.

The networks claim the president has orchestrated a coup, that he’s claiming victory despite no evidence that he has won. They stress that no returns are available from “the nation’s largest electoral state,” and that Trump is, by their analysis, shy of 270 electoral votes. “No network or newspaper has called this race,” declares a grim Jake Tapper.

Joe Scarborough Says ‘If Trump Declares Victory’ Tuesday He’ll Tell Network To Block ‘The Feed’

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) November 2, 2020

Meanwhile, Trump’s margin of victory only seems to grow. While the networks refuse to update electoral vote totals, Trump holds two to eight-point advantages in all the swing states with well over 90 percent of the precincts counted. Trump also appears to have flipped Minnesota and Maine, and half of New Hampshire.

Cities like St. Louis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and Atlanta explode in violence around midnight. Unlike earlier riots following George Floyd’s death, these riots erupt quickly and escalate faster. Entire city blocks are in flames. Women run screaming from burning buildings, small children in their arms, older kids running behind.

(Read * “Whosever Got the Guns, Wins” – ELECTION NIGHT COUP D’ETAT: Radical Leftist Groups Plot Siege of White House and Takeover of Major US Cities Beginning Tuesday* on Gateway Pundit)

Police and fire departments are overwhelmed almost immediately. Rioters set fire to plywood shields erected to protect windows in the days leading up to the election. On some streets, more than a dozen cars are ablaze at a time.

Now, the networks cover the riots fullscreen with election news reduced to the chyron. Everyone knows the election is over, and Trump won handily, but the “most important election ever” seems already a distant memory. By 2:00 a.m. November 4, America looks like the victim of an undetected nuclear attack.

It’s Trump’s Fault #

The media, backed up Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Brennan, and many other Democrats, immediately blame President Trump for the unrest that threatens to destabilize the country at its core.

By 8:00 a.m. Central, the situation in Washington has already resolved in a prolonged siege. Now, tens of thousands of insurgents surround the White House grounds. Many in the crowd carry AR rifles and AK-47. Rental trucks unload supplies, include canisters of gasoline, ammunition, tents, and food.

"Under no scenario will Donald Trump be declared a victor on Election Night," says Biden campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon on a zoom with reporters.

— Dave Catanese (@davecatanese) November 2, 2020

Unnamed sources tell CNN that the Secret Service and military believe it’s unsafe for the First Family and others inside the White House to escape. The fireworks mortars pose a threat to Marine One, which idles at Andrews Joint Base.

Other “unnamed” sources report that the Army refused the president’s order to “clear the streets” of Washington, DC. MSNBC reports “rumors” that Trump is, in fact, under arrest in the White House with Marines holding him at gunpoint in a safe room.

At 9:00 a.m., Nancy Pelosi announces that, because of the situation in Washington, she is acting president until January 20, when she will “peacefully transition power to President-Elect Joe Biden.”

Now What Happens? #

America’s cities ablaze, thousands dead, the election forgotten, an anti-president claims power.

At that moment, you must decide whom to believe and how to act. Will you sit at home and hope everything works out all right? Will you pray that your life goes back to normal soon? Will you worry most about a vacation you’d planned? A new job you’re starting next week? When will the next hockey season begin?

Or will you think back to the founders who realized they must break with England at all costs? The young Midwestern boys who never saw a Black person but put on the blue wool uniform and marched to Gettysburg or Antietam? The Army captain in a landing boat about to order his men to debark into the English Channel’s frigid waters to face almost certain death on the beaches of Normandy? The Marine riding in a poorly armored personnel carrier through Fallujah’s streets to rescue an Iraqi unit pinned down by snipers and grenades?

As the “Color Revolution” unfolds, you will ultimately have to decide if the American experiment continues or if it ends in failure.

Be prepared.