We Interrupt This Program . . .

I am scaling back my blogging.

I spend about 1-2 hours on most posts. That’s writing, researching, photo editing, etc. It’s time consuming. It’s also worth the effort.

Blogging is an opportunity cost, too. Every hour I spend blogging is an hour I’m not doing anything else. The things I’m not doing include:

** admiring my wife ** talking to my kids ** catching up with friends ** advancing my career ** cleaning up my office ** changing my underwear ** cheering on the Blues (or Cardinals or Rams) ** working out ** washing my car ** fixing that door that doesn’t open right ** training my dogs to make a proper CC and club soda ** paying bills ** answering emails ** blowing the leaves out of the garage ** hunting copperheads and rattlesnakes (we have both out here) ** visiting my parents

At the same time, I’m scaling back some other political activity to focus on two important issues:

** Municipal courts ** Grassroots strategy

I’ll still post blogs. Maybe more than I have been. But the posts will be short, personal, and even more opinionated than they have been.

I’m sure I’ll return to the long form blog in future. After 5 years of this activism, though, I need to bother some other people in my life.

In the meantime, keep the faith. Own your own life. And work for your interests, not your positions.