Insane: Stocks Markets Rally On Economic Disasters

Eurozone’s economy is basically in recession.

Walmart lowered expectations. Again.

The world is teetering on the edge of World War.

The US is launching Iraq War 3.0: Mission Accomplished Accomplished.

Germany’s economy is flat, and Italy and France are getting worse.

Risk is high.

Corporate debt is staggering.

The Fed’s balance sheet is a sea of monetized debt.

The central banks have nothing left to fix another crash.

And the stock markets are rocketing to record highs because of all this news.

What the hell is wrong with people?


More good news for stocks and bad news for the rest of us since I printed this at 6:30 a.m.:

Jobless claims jumped by 21,000—the most in 3 months.

Import prices dropped 0.2 percent as European deflation comes to America.

And Putin calls for end of US Dollar as world’s reserve currency.

Perhaps the stock traders are sobering up, though, as US futures have gone from skyrocketing to flat.