Cancel Culture Comes to National Elections

Vote Fraud Is the Summit of the Cancel Culture

If you legitimately voted for Candidate X and someone else illegitimately voted for Candidate Y, it’s as if you didn’t vote at all. Your vote got canceled.

The cancel culture seeks to eliminate opinions that differ from “official” positions. “Official” position means the opinion of the arbiter and is subject to radical and quick change without notice.

The cancel culture has always existed. In high school, unpopular kids get canceled by the popular ones. This ostracization is low-grade canceling and part of human nature.

Observe a corporate cafeteria for a week, and you’ll see that cancel culture doesn’t stop when we move from adolescence to adulthood. You’ll see a few people who always sit alone, eat their lunch in silence, and return to their desks without exchange a word.

These lonely adults will say, “I like my ‘me’ time.” Perhaps. But it’s also possible they’ve learned this behavior by eating alone their whole lives. Whatever their motivation, no one ever asks to join them, and they never try to squeeze into a table full of their workmates.

How do you feel when you think of these lonely people? Sad? Guilty? Familiar?

Now, consider this: every swing state reported more votes than voters in the 2020 election. That means millions of Americans were canceled, ostracized from the political table, isolated, defriended. Their right to vote is null.

When trucks full of illegal ballots show up in a ballot-counting facility in the dark of night, hundreds of thousands of people get canceled. Their right to choose their representatives gets blotted out. They lose their voices.

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Then, demand that your state legislators pass laws requiring live, in-person voter ID and eliminate early voting, mail-in voting.

People die in battle to preserve the right to choose a form of government. If we lose that right to the cancel culture, we can win it back only with blood and bullets. So, please don’t lose it.