Self-Governance Is the Best Kept Secret in the Fight for Freedom

Thanks to MOPP for this fantastic summary for Center for Self-Governance training opportunities in the show me state. Includes links to enroll in class.




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Citizen involvement is “snowballing” across the State of Missouri as the Center for Self Governance adds more classes to its schedule.  The ultimate goal is to have a CSG team in every county in the state in order to influence your elected officials and policy.   If you feel frustrated because you feel powerless to “effect change”…the CSG training will prepare you to start…or become part of…a CSG “seal team” in your area. 

Below you will find an updated calendar of locations and times for upcoming Center for Self Governance classes throughout the State in August.   

MOPP proudly endorses the CSG training as it complements the MOPP goals of encouraging citizen involvement at the most local levels of government and community where we, as citizens, can be most easily engaged and ultimately most effective.  In fact, MOPP has many members who are already participating in this program that equips citizens to learn how to influence the legislative process by becoming effective citizen lobbyists.

There are 5 levels of training to complete the training…an explanation of each level can be found at this link:


Please consider your role in Keeping The Republic 

and sign up TODAY!


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If you have already taken a class and life got too busy, you may audit a previously-attended class for $10. If you would like to host a speaking engagement for CSG to present their program (1 hour presentation), you may do so by contacting Mishelle at 615-669-8274 or via email at


·         _Register online by clicking on the links below. _(Note: You must complete prior level before attending the next level)****

·         0r by visiting the CSG/MO website at:****

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*IMPORTANT NOTE  Some of the reserved class dates do not have the final details posted as yet, so be sure to visit the website often for new and/or updated information.  You can also contact Mishelle at 615-669-8274 or via email at

Go to this link for general information about the Center for Self Governance:

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Because “All politics is local"

Level 1 August 9th             Cape Girardeau       

Level 1 August 24             St Louis                     

Level 4 August 25             St Louis                     

Level 1 August 25             Hannibal/Quincy     

Level 3 August 26             St Louis                     

Level 2 August 26             Hannibal/Quincy     

Level 2 August 27             St Louis                     

Level 2 August 28             St Louis                     

Level 1 Sept 6                    Lebanon area          

Level 1 Sept 7                    Columbia