Along Came a Pandemic

The thing that most rankled the left and crony-capitalist “right” about Donald Trump’s Magic Escalator Ride were his statements on illegal immigration. “They’re not sending their best.”

The left sees open borders as a means of finally reducing the United States to a pauper nation, a dream long shared by socialists and communists in the US and Europe.

Crony capitalists are less prosaic in their aims. They see open borders as a source of cheap labor.

Donald Trump, seemingly alone, stood for a higher principle: American sovereignty. And sovereignty, like nationhood, begins with defined, defendable borders. (Just ask the Romans.)

Almost four years into the open-borders wars a pandemic broke out. Beginning in China, the coronavirus plague quickly spread around the globe like a cheap export. Iran, Italy, Japan, and South Korea are suffering greatly. And the United States are not out of the woods yet.

The coronavirus epidemic seems like an argument for sound borders and strict immigration policies. We quarantine people with dangerous diseases, after all. And, at the risk of being accused of attributing everything to divine intervention, this latest coincidence is, for Donald Trump, just another indication that his presidency brings as much joy to Our Father in heaven as it brings to my 94-year-old father in South St. Louis.

Every Trump move follows a similar pattern:

  1. The left decries the move as “racist” or “fascist.”

  2. Squeamish Republicans say, “he’s stepping on his own message.”

  3. Trump doubles down.

  4. Things work out better than even Trump imagined.

  5. On to the next crisis.

Sometimes, though, bad things happen that prove Trump’s warnings (prophecies) correct. The latest example is the coronavirus pandemic. Trump warned America and the world against open borders. The left called his warnings “racist” and “fascist.” Republicans bristled. Trump doubled down. And a bad thing flew in on the wings of open borders. Here’s the opening of the New York Times' coronavirus update for February 24:

South Korea reported hundreds of new infections, and Iran said at least 12 people there had died. In Europe, Italy is working to contain a spike in cases.

RIGHT NOW a fifth person has died in Italy as a result of the coronavirus, and at least 219 people in the country are confirmed to be infected.

The lesson is simple: Trump is living a charmed presidency. Resistance is worse than futile; it’s counterproductive. What the left wants is bad for people. What crony capitalists want is good only for them. What Trump wants is what’s good, not only for America, but for the whole world, if only the leaders of other countries would imitate Trump.

Trump’s Magic Escalator Ride