March 27, 2021

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Nike Conjures Satan

Nike Conjures Satan

I feel vindicated by this news, but I take no solace or satisfaction. You have to throw away every Nike product you own. Now.

Why I Write about Demons

When I first started blogging about spiritual warfare, about Satan and demons, about demonic oppression, obsession, and possession, I was afraid. Well, not afraid, but concerned. I knew that some would think I’d gone around the bend.

But I felt I had to write. I could see the demonic everywhere. As a learned more and more about the experiences of Catholic exorcists and demonoligists assisting with exorcisms, I realized that what have been witnessing in America is simply demonic oppression on a massive scale, never seen before.

I wrote about evidence of demonic assistance to BLM/Antifa in Portland, Oregon, on The Gateway Pundit on September 8, 2020:

The forces of darkness are winning the Battle of Portland because they have enlisted demonic help. In fact, it seems Antifa/BLM forces in Portland are operating under the command and control of the Satanic Headquarters.

I know from polite conversations that many people wrote me off after that widely-read article. So be it.

I write about demons not for sensationalism but as a warning. You must remember this:

  1. Demons are real and everywhere.
  2. This world is their headquarters (Matthew 4:8-9, John 14:30).
  3. When we sin, we open the door to demonic attacks.
  4. We are powerless to combat demons without God.
  5. Most of the authorities in the United States have surrendered completely to Satan.
  6. Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth (Psalm 124:8).
  7. What we can do is avoid sin, pray, and fast (Mark 9:29).
  8. Efforts to change anything based solely on human plans are doomed.

Nike Endorses Satan

Following morning prayers, I looked at The Gateway Pundit and saw this:

Nike’s shoe dedicated to Satan on The Gateway Pundit

Nike’s shoe dedicated to Satan on The Gateway Pundit

I pray this is a hoax, a spoof. But I know it isn’t. America’s premier athletic company is invoking Satan. It is honoring the enemy of Christ for profit. It is the most explicitly Satanic company on earth.

Now, do you wonder why America is collapsing? Now, do you really believe human effort can arrest our fall?

Folks, I don’t write about this stuff because it’s fun or profitable. It’s not. I’m giving up a beautiful Saturday in spring with a house and lawn that need lots of work. I do this to warn, to prepare, to, hopefully, reach just a few souls.

You Are Out of Time

Stop wasting your time with politics. Politics will save neither America nor your soul. It’s time to choose this world of Satan or the Kingdom of God.

Once again, I urge you to arm yourself with the weapons needed for this battle which will intensify over the coming days and months. I recommend the following books:

  1. Hauntings, Possessions, and Exorcisms by Adam Blai. (See Adam’s interview with Patrick Coffin)
  2. The Devil in the City of Angels by Jesse Romero. Jesse is a retired Los Angeles County deputy who dealt with the demonic throughout his career.
  3. Deliverance Prayers for the Laity by Father Chad Ripperger. Fr. Ripperger is one of the leading exorcists in the world.

As a reminder, let’s go all the way back to my first two posts on these matters of final importance:

I hate to say this, but these posts were inspired. I don’t mean they are particularly well written or inspiring. They presented themselves to me and demanded to be written. I believe there was a reason. And believe Nike has just shown us what that reason was.

Deus in adjutorium meum intende. Domine ad adjuvandem me fastina.

(God, come to my assistance. Lord, make haste to help me.)