March 27, 2021

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Does Missouri Prefer Money or Freedom?

Does Missouri Prefer Money or Freedom?

People say all the time how much they’re willing to sacrifice. Will they do it, though?

If red states like Missouri want to break from the federal government, we can. Without a fight. Without secession. But doing so will require some sacrifice.

Just refuse all federal subsidies to the state.

  • No federal money for education.
  • No federal money for highways, bridges, other infrastructure.
  • No federal money for law enforcement.
  • No federal money for medicine, healthcare, Medicaid, hospitals.
  • No federal money for state agricultural programs.

Few realize that the only reason states obey the federal government is fear of the loss of federal revenue. For most issues, grants and subsidies are the federal government’s only way of controlling states.

I call on the Missouri legislature this session to prohibit any state department, county, or municipality from accepting any money from the federal government.

Will there be some sacrifice in the short term? Absolutely.

Will our overall tax burden increase for a time? Yes.

But those seem like small prices to pay for freedom. Virtually all federal “laws” that we obey in Missouri are not laws but conditions. If we refuse the money, we are free to live like free men again.

I maintain that most people don’t want to be free. Most people want to be slaves to other men. Or, as Don Draper put it, “People are so desperate to be told what to do that they’ll listen to anybody.”

Will Missouri or Texas or Oklahoma put freedom before the comfort?