November 30, 2020

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HUGE: Lin Wood says 'I choose not to vote in another fraudulent election'

HUGE: Lin Wood says 'I choose not to vote in another fraudulent election'

The stakes are higher than most people imagine. Trump supporters need to realize Trump’s second term is the least important outcome of this election. The least important.

If this fraud stands, there is no more United States of America. It’s done. Stick a fork in it.

The country you fought for, that people died for, will be a footnote of history and a nation no more. The geography of our country will remain like a corpse without a soul.

(Read why I won’t donate to the Georgia Senate run-off races.)

If this fraud stands, the people who rigged the election in their favor will take over the central government completely. Like an occupying force. They will rig the Georgia Senate runoffs and “win” them. With complete control of two branches of government, they will expand the Supreme Court and seize control of it, too.

With their power complete, uniform, and absolute, they will work their will unopposed.

They won’t outlaw opposition parties. They won’t have to. They will codify rigged elections.

They won’t have to amend the Constitution through the cumbersome Article 5 process. They will simply instruct their Supreme Court how to “interpret” the Constitution.

I got some flack on Parler for saying this. People called me a leftist plant who was trying to discourage Georgians from voting in the January Senate runoffs. They claimed people must vote in hopes of challenging the election results.

Get that? Even the people who want everyone to vote admit that the Democrats will “win” the runoffs with fraud. Our only hope, in their minds, is to win a challenge in the courts.

Fat chance.

If the courts won’t intervene to prevent the fraudulent stealing of the US Presidency, do you really think they’ll give a hoot about Senate runoffs? Hell, no they won’t.

If the November farce stands, there will never be an honest election in this land in your lifetime. It’s over.

Now, famed lawyer Lin Wood agrees with me:

Lin Wood is one of the key figures fighting to expose the fraud of the 2020 election. He’s working 20-hour days to see justice done. He has been instrumental in keeping the President’s hopes alive—and America’s hopes, as well.

Yesterday, I wrote that, even if this election stands, you should still vote. Just don’t obsess over the outcome. Pray for a miracle, but don’t expect to win another election. And don’t waste your money on politics. Lin Wood is saying, “why bother.” There’s merit to his point, too.

If the fraudulent election stands, save your soul, protect your family, form coalitions with others like you. Do not participate in or contribute to the sham, occupying government or its election system.

You don’t cooperate with corrupt governments for the same reason you don’t consort with demons.

Trump’s second term is coincidental to the larger battle. If Trump is not sworn in to a second term on January 20th, the country you were born into will have passed away and something ugly will take its place.