It Was China All Along

It Was China All Along

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The leaked Five Eyes dossier on China’s nefarious Coronavirus pandemic provides all the pieces to figure out what happened and why. The dossier doesn’t connect the dots for you, but they’re now easy to connect. So easy, even I can do it. The story goes something like this.

  1. China was playing around with dangerous natural microbes in order to prove that it was as good as the USA at studying and neutralizing infectious diseases. What became known as COVID-19 was one of these.
  2. Because of slipshod controls at the Wuhan laboratory, this COVID-19 virus got into the human population. Probably in October/November. It looked the flu for a while, so no one really noticed.
  3. Meanwhile, Donald Trump was kicking China’s ass in trade negotiations, and China’s economy was in the doldrums.
  4. By late November, China realized that the bad flu season hospitals were seeing weren’t the flu at all.
  5. Around the first of December, China realized that this Wuhan virus was spreading by human contact, probably through passive contact tracing.
  6. China tried to isolate the disease, but realized that was going to be almost impossible. Even locking people into apartment buildings to die wasn’t containing the spread.
  7. By late December, the media were reporting on this disease in Wuhan, so China decided to ask the WHO for cover. The head of WHO owes his job to China, so this was an easy negotiation.
  8. The WHO announces that the virus in China cannot be spread by human to human contact, that the only way to get it is to handle infected animal carcasses that are common in Wuhan’s wet markets, and that everyone should carry on.
  9. In January, countries other than China began seeing a flu-like disease that wasn’t the flu. Alarm bells sounded, so China and the WHO doubled down on their false claims that the Wuhan virus cannot be spread by human-to-human contact. Both China and WHO tried to convince the world that everyone with this diseases had visited a wet market in Wuhan within 14 days of showing symptoms.
  10. The US and several European countries begin preps to ban entry of travelers from China in mid-January. The WHO (and its parent company, the United Nations) intervene to block travel restrictions.
  11. On January 15, China signs Part 1 of a two-part trade deal with the United States. The deal is very good for the US and very bad for China.
  12. With evidence showing that the disease was infecting people who’d never been to China in their lives, the WHO finally breaks and, on January 20, admits the COVID-19 is spreading from human contact.
  13. Nations around the world realize that millions of Chinese Nationals have travelled to their countries from ground zero of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic since December 1, 2019. The most frequent destination: Northern Italy, where Chinese corporations controlled most of the manufacturing.
  14. Somewhere between December 2019 and late January 2020, Chinese officials realized that a weak US economy would give their negotiations an advantage. Through the WHO, China convinced American health officials to plunge the US economy into a prolonged economic depression as a way of minimizing the effects of the Chinese virus.
  15. China used its influence in social media companies Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to muzzle doctors who contracted the Chinese propaganda as distributed through the WHO.
  16. Soon, China will announce it is rejecting the trade deal just signed with US and demand new negotiations.

And that it is why we’re locked down. Because China wants a weak US economy and a different US president, preferably a president with dementia and strong ties to China.