June 21, 2021

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IRS Declares God a Republican

IRS Declares God a Republican

It’s official: God is a Republican according to the Internal Revenue Service. And I’m not making this up.

The IRS rejected a Christian group’s application for tax-exempt status because, in the judgment of the IRS, teaching Biblical values is the same as advocating for the Republican Party. From Fox Business via The Gateway Pundit:

“While you educate voters on what the bible says about issues, your educational activities are not neutral,” [the IRS] wrote. “The topics typically are affiliated with distinct candidates and specific political party platforms.”

Now that the US government has made it official, Fr. James Altman can take a victory lap.

Despite being suspended as pastor of his parish by weak and cowardly bishop, Altman declared in 2020 that Catholics cannot vote Democrat in a viral video.

Some people are treating the IRS’s ruling as setback for Christianity. But this is a big win. The wicked government of the United States of America has finally admitted that it opposes God and hates the teachings of Christ.

This is why I have publicly disavowed the United States government. You cannot be a Christian and support the government of the United States which has become antithetical to both the Constitution and God.

Or to quote Fr. Altman: You can’t be a Catholic and vote Democrat.

The truth will out.