January 26, 2021

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Ignore Social Media That Hate You

Ignore Social Media That Hate You

When someone rings our doorbell, our three dogs stand in a circle and bark at each other like idiots. And that’s exactly what we look like when we complain about Twitter’s latest suspension of some conservative.

I know that complaining about social media policies is the favorite pastime of many readers, but I’m telling you right now to knock it the hell off. Complaining about Twitter only makes Twitter stronger and you weaker.

Instead, ignore Twitter. Ignore Facebook. Have nothing to do with them. Deactivate your accounts. Delete your accounts.

When you complain about Twitter, you sound like a recently divorced person complaining about your ex. Like Betty Draper telling her friend, “Don’s dating a teenager.” You are letting Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg control your emotional life, your intellect, and your will.

Try this instead. Talk to your friends. On the phone or in person. Read a book. Write a letter to someone and mail it. Pretend humanity somehow survived for millennia without social media.

Demonologists tell us we should never mention the names of demons, nor think about them. Merely thinking about particular demons (or the vices associated with them) attracts them. Don’t get their attention.

Likewise, think of the big, evil social media empires as demons. Speak not their wicked names. Banish them from your intellect. Weaken them and strengthen yourself in the Lord.

Finally, if you’re still using those social media platforms, then you are still donating money to the enemy. You might as well put a Biden Harris sticker on your car and wear a mask while driving it alone.

Social media platforms are not free. The price you pay to tweet and post is your soul. Social media companies sell your eyes and your content to advertisers. They steal your life from you and sell it to people who want you dead.

If 80 million Americans left the social media platforms forever, they would be footnotes of history in a year. You have control, but if you don’t have the will to exercise, you are the problem.

If you must engage with social media, follow me on Gab. Gab and its founder are persecuted for allowing free speech. They deserve your support.

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