The Stunning Contrast Between Treatment of Hairdressers vs. Hooligans

The Stunning Contrast Between Treatment of Hairdressers vs. Hooligans

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A stunning contrast. Our leaders show more patience and respect (or is it fear?) for hooligans, thugs, and terrorists than for small business owners who pay the leaders' salaries and fill their campaign coffers.

Political favoritism shown to violent street gangs will end, or the leaders will face a revolt from the right like nobody’s every seen before.

When people feel their backs are to the wall, they fight for their lives. And the one-two punch of lockdowns and looting have a lot of people feeling cornered.

If your small business is your life, and that business is threatened or destroyed by lockdowns and street thugs, what’s left to lose?

Rights and Livelihoods Destroyed #

For months, Democrat mayors, county executives, and governors have attacked hairdressers and gym owners who dared to operate their businesses in violation of executive orders.

On the other hand, these same “leaders” allow terrorists, thugs, and hooligans to ravage their cities unchecked. Mayors and governors have even ordered police to let rioters burn sack and burn a police station.

We have to wonder if public safety was ever the motivation behind Coronavirus quarantines. After this week’s riots, it seems unlikely. Instead, the motivation of many mayors, executives, and governors has been the emasculation of small businesses. And here’s why.

Entrepreneurs Are Free #

Small business owners enjoy an incredible amount of freedom. Sure, they put in ridiculous hours running their companies, and they’re on call around the clock. They are never “off work.” When you own a business, you become something of a slave to that business. But, as an owner, you are not a slave to a corporate master, and corporations have made themselves slaves to the government and special interests.

An independent business owner answers only to his market. He can promote whichever candidate or party he chooses. The entrepreneur can spend his money any way he wants. He can, for the most part, decide with whom he does business. He can close his shop for weeks at a time and take a trip to Bali.

Leaders have little control over these owners, which bothers them, especially Democrats, to no end. Democrats love power and money and nothing else. They see other people as chattel and pawns for acquiring more power and wealth for themselves.

When Coronavirus came along, Democrats used the disease as cover to squash small businesses and get them in line. The hooligans and thugs looting and burning those businesses are just convenient weapons for these “leaders.”

That’s why the same Democrats who treat hairdressers and gyms as if they were organized crime operations let Antifa burn cities, beat citizens, and loot businesses. Antifa is nothing but the Democrats' muscle.

Governor Parson Effectively Abdicated #

In Missouri, our feckless and vacillating governor has ceded power to the Democrat St. Louis County Executive, Sam Page.

Page strong-armed Governor Parson into keeping the statewide lockdown at Phase 1 until Page says he’s ready for Phase 2. Mike Parson is little more than a ceremonial head and Sam Page’s errand boy.

Page won’t allow anyone in Missouri to re-open until a sufficient number of independent business owners return to wage-slavery. Then, he can control them.

What Parson, Page, and the other “leaders” fail to see is the rage brewing on the right. It’s a rage I have never seen before, even during the heat of the Tea Party’s fight against Obamacare.

America is a Powder Keg #

On top of this rage, the right now sees that our “leaders” respond to threats of violence. Worse, our “leaders” fold in the face of actual violence. There’s no other lesson to be drawn from recent events. Rioting goes unchecked, but gym owners are sued out of existence.

Conservatives and business owners have seen our God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights to liberty, property, free exercise of religion, speech, assembly, and redress of grievances casually eliminated by government “leaders.” We want those rights restored.

We know from history what it took to earn those rightsβ€”woe to the “leader” who triggers a repeat of that history.

Again, this is not a threat but a plea for common sense. People are taking notes of what “leaders” respond to and what they brush aside.

Stop the riots.

Open the economy.

The people’s patience is gone.